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Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 27th 2017

Buonasera fellow travelblogger - We have escaped Ancona and are heading north on the Autostrada Adriatica. What a lovely name for a motorway . It makes the M1 sound mundane and ordinary. We follow our English friend as we head out of a busy heavily policed town. He must do this run with regular monotony as he knows how to exit the port. He is younger than us and will probably drive all night and be back in the UK tomorrow. We pass places we know. Rimini with its miles and miles of sunbeds, the motoGP track at Misano. We have been a couple of times to watch races there, Corriano , the birthplace and burial place of Simoncelli the bike rider and Gradara with its lit up castle . It looks pretty at night . ... read more
It is 6am and two very relieved customers of Minoan line

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona April 28th 2017

We didn’t sleep too well last night . We had set our alarm on our mobile phone to wake us up. In the night it started to beep. Every few minutes it beeped making sleep impossible. In the dark we tried to work out why it beeped . In the end it was switched off. However by that time we had lost the ability to sleep and lay there listening to every sound outside. The assault on our senses left us feeling absolutely shattered. The roadside Laburnum trees were over 60 feet high in places. Yellow broom bushes clambered up the verges. We saw poppies in the fields - vivid red . The flowers were changing as we headed in a southerly direction for our appointment with a Minoan line ship that would take us to ... read more
Cleaning the boat
Our boat
Ancona from the cabin window

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 9th 2014

Geo: 43.6158, 13.5189GÜN 09 GÜNLERDEN CUMA: Gemimiz Hellenic Spirit dehşet…Saatinde sıraya girdik ve gemi tam saatinde 17:30 da kalktı.Yerimiz çok güzel…Elektrik te bulmuşuz..Bilgisayarları bağladım..Öldürsen kalkmam buradan ..Akşam yemeğine bile ayrı ayrı gittik Ayşe ile…Keyfimiz yerinde …hele yukarı çıkmadan önce kendimize iki adet ,küçük whisky şişesi ayarlamıştık..İki şişeyi devirdikten sonra uyku bastı… İki şişeden sonra uyku basınca ben aşağıya yatmaya gittim. Şimdiki gemilerde artık eskisi gibi değil .."Camping on Board" yani gemide kamp sistemi ile gece aracına dönüp yatabiliyorsun... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona August 28th 2011

Geo: 43.6158, 13.5189DISASTER AVERTED3 - the one where you don't forfeit your ticketthe boat from greece is due to arrive at 10:30 so you book your train ticketto Florence departing Ancona at 12:30...pleeeeeeenty of time, right? exceptthe boat doesn't dock until 12:35!at the train station I handed over my confirmation "Si, ciao", pointed tothe departure time then to my watch "No"...he hummphs, he looks at me a fewtimes...I smile, while holding my credit card expecting to pay for anotherticket...he prints a ticket departing at 14:10, gives it to me and tells meto go to platform 4...that's it, no payment requiredcelebration time: across the road is a pizza place where I had my firstauthentic italian pizza, Diabla (but it wasn't very spicy) and now I'm travelling north through the italian countryside to Bolognawhere I will cha... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona June 8th 2009

So far everything has worked to plan which means that Monday evening we are sat on a ferry from Ancona to Greece. Looking back we have been amazingly lucky with the weather, we missed the storms in Northern Italy, saw some in the distance, and caught a torrent of rain when sat in a bar in Pontremoli. So all in all, a few spots of rain and some nasty spray in the UK, and a few spots on the last leg yesterday, south from Bologna to Cattolica. Today the short hop from Cattolica to Ancona was uneventful, beyond anything one might encounter on an Italian highway. I think Italian car drivers think everything on two wheels requires no more space than a Vespa carving through the traffic of Milan. (Hilary says that the Italians do not ... read more
The ferry we are on

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 21st 2009

ooooh, the bunks on the boat weren't half bad. johnny says he slept like a rock, i wasn't so fortunate, but not bad. i got up probably about 7:30 and wandered around the ship a bit barefoot, i thought i had left my flip-flops at fotis' house in athens and was not happy about that... i went downstairs to the lounge area and was quiet on account of all the people sleeping in random places. i wasn't prepared for the number of people who were simply foot passengers and were sleeping on benches, chairs, or the floor since they hadn't bought air seats or couchettes (bunks). if i was traveling alone i'd probably do the same, but since we had the eurail pass and the bunks were free (only having to pay 7 euros each for ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona June 12th 2008

Made it to Ancona today, a short trip. It was pretty uneventful all the way. We found a hotel without much of a problem. Then we thought it might be a good plan to book the ferry to Patras so off we went to the ferry terminal. The booking office for Superfast Ferries was closed. After a thunderstorm and a revisit things turned out as I expected, not going to open until tomorrow morning. The ferry sails at 13.30 tomorrow so no big deal. It is a pleasantly warm evening. I've had my second ice cream of the day, and my 4th coffee. Time for a beer or four. And, today, we are posting from the ferry to Patras. More later...... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 3rd 2008

Geo: 43.6158, 13.5189We found an incredible online special for an overnight 1st class room on a Blue Line ship - only 52 Euro one way for both of us!... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona April 25th 2008

Well I went round the port today, and it gave every appearance of being completely deserted. Probably because it's Italian Liberation Day I think; this Irish truck driver I ran into in an Indian restaurant told me all about it, as well as many other things. He looked somewhat like my grandfather, with his nose and spectacles, but had none of his manner. He drives an eighteen wheeler around Greece, and he's in the Hell's Angels. If he is to be believed of course, but he would have gained nothing from me by lying that way. I'm now looking into staying in Corfu for a couple of nights between tomorrow and the thirtieth. Failing that I'll do day-trips to the surrounding coast. That's what I did today; just took the train to the next town over, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona April 24th 2008

So here I am in Ancona. Took the train after packing up, having a cappucco and pastry, and strolling around the area one more time. That last wasn't anything special; I didn't have time to go anywhere cool, and it was rush hour. But it was my last bit of Rome. Who knows when I'll be back there. Probably years and years from now. Weird. My hostel is about two minutes from the train station, and it seems pretty dead. This girl I ran into there, Sarah from Ontario, was stressing out because the receptionist couldn't find her reservation, but I'm pretty sure about twenty five people could have walked in without reservations and have been sure of a bed. The tiny corner of the town that I've seen has nothing in it. Tomorrow I'll figure ... read more

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