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August 9th 2012
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Last night in the northern lakes tonight and we are so glad that we chose Lake Iseo over its more well known neighbours, lakes Garda and como. It's been a really lovely few days here, although we really had a fabulous time visiting the cities we felt that we needed a holiday to recover from ourholiday.

We have really landed on our feet here and managed to wangle 2 full days of bike hire for free, which meant we could overlook the fact that Hannah's bike only had 1 gear and the seat wouldn't go high enough .... Have u ever seen a giraffe riding a bicycle? It was like that. But nevertheless we soldiered on around the coast, avoiding speeding mopeds and "the tunnel of death" (no explanation necessary!!).

We eventually found a nice secluded beach complete with free fish pedicure, aquamarine waters... And sea snakes ... 2 different species! Ok actually I don't want to exaggerate ... It was actually 1 lake snake and 1nude man, but 1 was enough to make Hannah jump out of the water and not come back.

Later in the day we managed to wangle a free kayaking lesson (don't know quite how that happened!). The scenery was stunning as always but it was great to get a new perspective. Plus it was made even better when our instructor bought us gelato on the way back to shore.

Things have carried on in much the same vain all week - cycling, swimming and sunning, so today we decided to go on a bit of an adventure - more specifically a 10,000mile hike up a cliff, without oxygen, and with world record breaking personal humidity levels. Ok some of that is an exaggeration, except the personal humidity levels, it was pushing 40degrees, unfortunately Hannah has the photos to prove it! The view of the top of Monte Isole, europes largest inland island, was spectacular. The church at the top was built in the 16th century and still functions today with and includes medievel frescos which we heard are quite beautiful but we couldn't go inside as my skirt was too short.... Yes that's right i went hiking in a skirt... It was more of an accidental hike really. The climax of the day was watching Nosheen lose, and then mount a rescue mission for, her team GB Olympic hat which she dropped off the wall at the top of the mountain!

So all together an eventful few days here in Italy! Off toFlorence for the culture which we have been lacking the last few days. Apologise for spelling, it has taken about a year to write this post on an iPhone!

Wish you were here

Nosheen and Hannah.


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