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August 29th 2010
Published: February 7th 2019
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As promised, I will talk about my second favourite place of my region: Garda Lake is the largest lake in Italy. The Lake and its shoreline are divided between the provinces of Verona, to the south-east, Brescia, south-west and Trentino, north. Garda Lake and Iseo Lake were the places that I frequented most during my years living in Italy. When I went to Garda Lake, I used to go to see my friends running a Hotel in Tremosine. I love Tremosine, It is a little town on top of a mountain slope with outstanding views over the "Lago di Garda". Tremosine has been recognized as one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. As a matter of fact, when you walk around the town you can see beautiful medieval structures, especially at night, the ambiance is really alluring.

It is an ideal place for those who love trekking, there are stunning walking trails running along the lake, nature is abundant and it is a perfect place to enjoy a bit of serene seclusion.

The tourism industry in the Garda Lake area is huge, every year, during the summer months, many tourists invade this place, especially German people. But, generally, most of the tourists visit the towns along the coast of the lake, the further you move up and you are luckily to see fewer tourists along the way and enjoying more the local lifestyle.

At Tremosine, during the summer time in August, there is a Food Festival, where you can taste some of the most delicious staple food of the zone, it is also a good chance to get to know the local traditions of the villagers, the history and culture.

There is a lot to discover in this part of Garde Lake area, for instance my favourite spots in Tremosine are: the Old lavatory, the Mezzema Fountain and Mezzema town ( which is under Tremosine town hall).

Mezzema is a small place but rich of history and culture. In this place you can admire the beautiful olive tree terraces, wineyards, orchards which were cultivated since antiquity. It is a very small community but very friendly and with a lot of stories to tell. Here, the people are genuine, true, they like to tell you about their ancestors, to transmit their knowledge and valours. But now, it is changing, the young people tend to move out of the little village to search for different experiences. Certain traditions are slowly forgotten and, with the advent of modernization and globalization, also Tremosine is living this dramatic shift. In such a delicate moment, of big changes, it is necessary to gather memories that help us at least to remember who we were.

I always feel very worried about this paramount change, worried about losing these beautiful traditions and cultures that make every country so unique and special.

This is a short introduction of some places that people can admire while visiting Brescia. If it happens to end up somewhere in Lombardy region, I would really recommend to pay a visit to Garda and Iseo Lake, you will definitely enjoy your time thereā€¦

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7th February 2019

Lake Garda is also my favorite Italian lake...
but my favorite town on the lake is Sirmione with its castle and moat that separates the town from the mainland and the Roman palace looking across the lake to the distant Alps. Magnificent...if you can avoid the tourists!
9th February 2019

Lake Garda is also my favorite Italian lake..
hello, nice to hear you again!!!! you said that,"if you can avoid the tourists". Anyway, Sirmione is also a lovely place and worth a visit.
8th February 2019

Lake country
Marco I really really love the sound of the food festival in Tremosine. So sad to hear of the demise of the small villages in that area, but it's a wide ranging issue for many countries and unfortunately there isn't an easy answer. Hope winter in China wasn't too bad for you. Take care x
9th February 2019

Lake country
Hello guys, yes I agree, maybe certain traditions and cultures are doomed to disappear in this run toward the future. winter is not very cold but Guizhou is too much rainy and humid, it is a bit depressing. take care bye
8th February 2019

Italy is a special place. Sounds like you've had some amazing small town experiences. I would like to attend that food festival.
9th February 2019

Hello, these are just a few of the small towns you can visit there. It is very beautiful, if you avoid the peak season, july and august.

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