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October 1st 2016
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 Station01 Station01 Station

Inside Milan's Central Station.
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This morning we all got up quite early. I decided to skip breakfast and buy something to eat later in the morning. We had to be ready to leave the house just before 7am. Dad, Michael, Zio and I were going to stay with dad's sister and her family in the Piedmont region of Italy. She is his only sibling that doesn't live in the Veneto. Fabio arrived at about a quarter to seven. Michael and I said goodbye to Zia Maria as we wouldn't be seeing her again because we are flying home from Milan.

We arrived in Castelfranco with plenty of time to spare before our train. Fabio suggested a coffee at the bar. Yes please! I wouldn't say no to an opportunity to eat a fresh pastry. The bar was in the piazza and as we ate and drank we had a great view of the old town walls. Fabio then drove us to the train station and we said goodbye to him.

The train journey was about three hours to Milan. During this time we enjoyed the scenery and tried to have a little nap.

Milan Centrale station was so busy! There were people everywhere waiting for
02 Advertising02 Advertising02 Advertising

Dolce & Gabbana advertising inside Milan's Central Station.
their train's platform to be announced and full trains arriving. We had plenty of time until our next train. So Michael and I went for a walk instead of waiting on the crowded platforms. Dad and Zio were more than happy to stay on the platform.

We went out into the Piazza Duca D'Aosta. On the way out of the train station we noticed that it was a very grand building, quite impressive. It could have easily been an art gallery or museum. Dolce & Gabbana filled the walls with massive advertising posters. Walking around the piazza we noticed a massive white apple with staples on the front. We found out that is a piece of modern art titled 'The Reintegrated Apple'.

Michael and I then went to McDonald's and had a little snack. We then went to see what platform our train was leaving from. It was still not being displayed, so we continued enjoying the station's free wifi. A little while later the platform was announced and here we found dad and zio.

This train journey was slow and took about an hour. We got off at Santhia at 12:20. Here we were met by my cousin Milena. It
03 Apple in Piazza03 Apple in Piazza03 Apple in Piazza

Modern art 'The Reintegrated Apple' in Piazza Duca D'Aosta.
was a short drive to her town of Cavaglia. At her house we were greeted by her husband Giovanni, her three children Ilaria, Nicolo and Simone, our Zia Elenora and our second cousins Matteo and Emanuele. They had waited for us to eat lunch. Luckily for me, Zia Maria had told them that I was vegetarian, so I was catered for.

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04 Exterior04 Exterior
04 Exterior

The outside of Milan's Central Station.
05 Inside 05 Inside
05 Inside

More of the station's interior.

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