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August 3rd 2014
Published: August 3rd 2014
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Now about Milan. The hotel looked a bit like an old movie set. Very classy and the metro was close by. We went to town and stepped out at the Milano Doumo. the dom as we say. It overpowers you as you reach the top of the stairs from the metro. massive. You pay a small fee to allow photos and video. It's origin is from the 13th century, and all of this build with man power. Several reconstructions and additions were done after invasions and war. As we said before part of our day were taken up due to the fine of 10 cents. We spend a lot of the day admiring the many sculptures and stained windows of this wonderful church. The next day we to the Chiesa Dist. Maria della grazie. Were Leonardo da Vinci painted the Last Supper. Because of the delicate state of the painting, only 30 people are allowed to go into this section for 15 minutes at the time. It is booked days ahead by Internet or travel bureau. Of course we missed out for we had no knowledge of this. When walking back towards the city, we called in to the San Maurizio church. A Benedictine convent known as the Monasterio Maggareore. Goes back to the 9th century when it was integrated within it walls. The Frescoes date back to 1530 and some are by Bernadino luini, who is thought to be a student of Leonardo da Vinci. Various painters of the 15-16 centuries have added to this treasure. Back in the city, it bucketed. We fled into a café for coffee. Were we had a lively discussion which Duchies who were with a caravan but biked into the city as they do. A good hour went by when we all left to make the metro in a dry state. Dinner is always difficult. All that is open, are Pizza .Hamburger or take away. Restaurants are usual not open till later, so our meals were not always healthy. We found Milan expensive, but it is a touristic city so that is expected.

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5th August 2014

Ha Lies All Wat genieten jullie van de vacantie he en goed weer ook . Alles goed hier gelukkig met iedereen fam vrienden . Kan ik jullie op Alfons zijn verjaardag jullie berijken zal het proberen . anders bellen ok .Prachtig winter weer hier maar koud . Groetjes Jaap Thea XXX.

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