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May 24th 2012
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Cave dwellingsCave dwellingsCave dwellings

Some cliffs with caves dug into them. Normally accessed by ladders.
OK - I know. You've been missing the dulcet tones of text from afar. Well instead of going into detail, I'll give you a summary. I heard a sigh of relief - come on, own up!

Actually I have blogged a few times but this site keeps cutting the blogs offor deleting them - I'm not a happy camper with this blog site. Click on 'Next Entry' in case it shows you more. I've also upload a a 'miniature effect' 5 second video (fun).

So I think I last blogged from Istanbul. It seems an eon ago. I took a two-day trip to Cappadocia in Central Anatolia (saw a few Anatolian shepherd puppies). Took a couple of day-tours, not usually my bag but I'd dashed off to Cappadocia - Land of beautiful horses - on a whim so I didn't organise any independent travel. Covered a few places of interest incuding the underground city where persecuted Christians used to live; the caves cut into the eroded sandstone under the basalt lava. Escaping Christians used to live here when the Romans came through. Underground churches and cave churches. PBelieve it or not, persecuted Christians prayed here and gave some apprentice painters a go at depicting the various Christian events. I gave some of the paintings a C minus but I guess you have to start somewhere and they probably didn't have sketch books. Most of them had their eyes scratched out

No - I didn't do a balloon flight over the region. I'll probably regret it. There was thunder and lightning for a couple of days in the surrounding hills but only a little rain.


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