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Europe » Italy » Liguria » Ventimiglia August 10th 2019

We knew at some point we'd have to venture out to Ventimiglia. It's the first town across the border in Italy and only an hour away. Last year when we were here we ventured out there and happened upon a great little restaurant called Da Daniele. We all sat on their outside patio, I had white wine and a delicious Tiramisu, everyone else had pasta vongole (clams). Anyway apparently the pasta and clams were so delicious it was already decided that we'd make the drive to Da Daniele a tradition should we ever be in this neck of the woods again........ So we climbed in the car and headed East towards Italy not knowing the difficulties that lay ahead. We like to travel on the base corniche which is picturesque and pass through all the sweet ... read more
The treasured Pasta Vongole
Enjoying lunch in Italy
Da Daniele

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Ventimiglia June 11th 2018

The railway station is in the new town of Ventimiglia, which was characteristically regular, orderly and grid-like. A short walk brings you to a foot bridge across the fast flowing River Roia which surges into the sea at this location. Across the bridge you are into the precincts of the old town that sits about 200 m above the new town area but has none of its regimented order. After Nice and Monte Carlo the Old Town of Ventimiglia makes a bold contrast. It is evidently retaining its traditional identity and is obviously winning the battle against gentrification. To some extent, it presents as an Anti-Eze. There is nothing particularly scrubbed or manicured for tourist consumption in his town. In comparison, this is a place that people actually live; where locals nurse coffees outside small cafés, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Ventimiglia November 3rd 2017

The French call it Ventimellia however the Italians call it Ventimiglia & seeing as it's in Italy thats what we will call it. It is just over the border of France to Italy and all trains from Nice going in that direction will go that far and stop at Ventimiglia. There was a noteable difference to the immigrant situation on Italy's side of the border. Many males mulling about the station and many camping in the 'Wadi' under the motorways. We imagine their intention is to get into France. However the border is heavily guarded by the presence of armed Italian Military on their side & armed Polizia in France. The train had a compulsory stop at border control for checks. And we noted twice the very slow movement of the train through the border tunnel. ... read more
Ventimiglia -Old Town
From the old town
Old town square

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Ventimiglia June 13th 2016

Italy in a Day - Ventimiglia We left the French Riviera, where super rich moor their luxury yachts, film stars ponce around hoping someone might notice, and ‘would be if they could be’ camp followers take selfies on crappy stony beaches while faking a big happy smile and holding mocktail they can’t afford, with spectacular cliffs of the Cote d’Azur in the background. Streets on the French side are filled with fashionably attired gents and ladies promenading on boulevards lined with exotic sports sedans and cabriolets wearing expensive marques. A panoramic backdrop of townhouses and apartment buildings tucked in against each other reach up the hillsides, and are set at random angles to each other utilise every bit of available space. Lively paintwork and bloomy adornments complete the vista and to me, it looks as if ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Ventimiglia August 4th 2015

Hot. That is the word to summarise today. That and cheese. After a hot but air conditioned night in Nimes, we left by ten and headed on our way. Thanks to a slight misreading of Gert the Google maps girl, we took what I thought at the time was the shortest trip on a toll road, all of about one km ( mercifully free) but were then back on our way down the French med coast. It's a lovely drive through more vineyards, and beautiful towns ( if I'd known Arles looked like that we'd have stayed there instead) and onward towards Monaco. Once over the border into Italy, having made some of the best time for any journey so far, we went through a toll booth, went round a couple of corners and then went ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Ventimiglia September 12th 2014

Decided at breakfast to pop over to Italy for the day and see the Ventimiglia markets. They stretched for miles along the waterfront. We stopped off at Monaco - Monte Carlo on the way back for a quick look round. Far prefer Cannes as a place to visit. Still very hot days. May do some trips into the mountain villages over the weekend.... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Ventimiglia September 30th 2013

We headed out again for Dulceaqua and felt like old pros--knew which bus to catch, where to catch it, when it ran, and how to transfer in Ventimiglia to connect with the next bus. Good feeling! Dulceaqua is another one of those high-on-the-hill places, so we're resting before tackling the rest of the day, which should include a swim for me. The desk clerk warned me the water might be chilly, perhaps only 20 degrees or so. That is close to 70, a temperature my lake rarely reaches in the height of summer in AK. I'll let you know later if I swam in the"chilly" water or not. LATER: Yup. Quite warm compared to Morvro Lake!... read more
On the Way Up
Same Cat, Only Closer
Italian for Beware the Cat

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Ventimiglia September 30th 2013

We were surprised to find a place called Hanbury Botanic Gardens in the town of Ventimiglia Italy but were attracted to it as it was voted No 1 attraction in the town on Trip Advisor. The gardens occupy 45 acres of land and were constructed by a very wealthy Englishman called Thomas Hanbury in the 1870s. They were sold to the Italian State in 1960 by Hanbury’s daughter-in-law, then in 1987 they were entrusted to the University of Genoa who continue to manage them. A magnificent Palazzo on the property was originally built in the 11thCentury but has been modified and added to over the years. It is only one of many beautiful structures on the property including temples, fountains, statues, covered archways and family memorials. The gardens which were terraced down to the Mediterranean Sea, ... read more
Ventimiglia - Hanbury Botanic Gardens
Ventimiglia - Hanbury Botanic Gardens
Ventimiglia - Hanbury Botanic Gardens

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Ventimiglia September 29th 2013

Started today with a sumptuous breakfast in our B & B then off to explore the local area on foot. The mediaeval town is small with interesting streets and quite a few places of worship. First stop was the Chiesa di St Michele – a small X1 century chapel with an interesting crypt which included an ancient Roman milestone. There were a number of processional items in the church and a local lady informed us in Italian that it was the feast of St Michael and a procession would be held in the evening. A couple of doors up from our B & B we stumbled upon the Oratorio di San Giovanni - a very ornate chapel which was used to conduct funerals for the noble classes…a fantastic building with beautiful frescoes and statues. On then ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Ventimiglia September 28th 2013

Farewell to Nyons where we have spent the last four weeks – we can thoroughly recommend this beautiful town as a great place to visit. Our drive to Ventimiglia was relatively uneventful except when we decided to stop for lunch in Aix-en-Provence. It was a much bigger town than we expected and the usual problems of getting into the town and finding parking were multiplied. We eventually found a parking station and headed for the town centre where we found a nice place to eat then had a quick look around a couple of streets before heading off again. Aix is another lovely Provencal town with narrow streets, heaps of shops and pretty buildings. It was filled with locals and with people like us, so no point in complaining about too many tourists when we were ... read more

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