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October 31st 2019
Published: October 31st 2019
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We managed to find a very very isolated place, on the side of a hill...price is right, Wifi is great, a functioning TV, VERY other guests, since it is now OFF season...The ride here was terrifying! We made the mistake of driving up from Moneglia, not down from the toll road. A very SCARY road! One and a half lanes and many twists and turns. It is really good that Bill is of the generation that learned to drive a stick shift, because that is what we have. We both think that they have made the gears mesh better, and if he stalls the engine, it restarts itself!

After we arrived, we knew that we weren’t driving anywhere in the dark...and then realized that we had no wine, forgot to ask if the water is safe to drink, and not much with which to make supper...I scrounged around in our food box and found a garlic and a shallot, so sautéed them in olive oil, added a can of rinsed cannelloni beans and a can of chopped tomatoes, flavored with some dried herbs then added some sandwich meat, a couple of gluten free pasta things, and let it cook until the pasta was barely tender...that was it! Oh, yes, grated some Parmesan on top. Pretty good, after all, but then most food is when you are hungry.

After a leisurely morning, we headed off to find a place from which to take a bus to Portofino. because the road is difficult, and often, only one lane, so we have to wait until the traffic light changes to allow cars from another direction. Portofino is a tourist town that caters to the yacht folks...designers all have shops there. Except for the linen tops, I wasn’t that impressed...Emilio Pucci’s top, trousers and mini bag: euros 850, 1200, 450 respectively. The town did have very attractive BRASS manhole covers, though!

Today, we found a supermarket and stocked up; Bill is cooking tonight and is intent on making a better soup than I did...Plus, he found a red wine rated a FOUR on VIVINO, for ONLY 6.5 euros ($40 in the States!)

Bill is getting good at finding American TV shows...although dubbed into Italian, he figured out how to get the shows in “original” we watched several very old Law & Order, SVU and a silly but sweet movie. Sometimes, it just helps to “chill out.”


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