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Europe » Italy » Liguria » La Spezia September 26th 2019

Hello my friends. I hope you are all well. Noel and I were lucky enough to stay in a lovely apartment only a 5 minute walk north of the main train station in Rome which was super handy for getting out and about in the city. If anyone wants a nice clean place to stay if they visit here, let me know and I'll send details. My only complaint was the lack of a kettle and toaster, which appears to be the norm in Europe. We had a wonderful sunny day in Rome on Saturday and ventured to Saint Peter's square and basilica and it was so gorgeous. We arrived an hour after opening and the security line was already about 200 metres long. Within 15 mins it had grown to 300 metres. It must be ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » La Spezia May 29th 2019

05/28-29/2019 – La Spezia en Cinque Terre Dinsdag Como – La Spezia, drukke havenstad aan de Ligurische zee. De bedoeling was om van hier uit Cinque Terre en zijn 5 Unesco werelderfgoed bergdorpen te bezoeken. Door de aanhoudende regen deze nacht en het nog grijze weer deze morgen woensdag dachten we al Cinque Terre te scippen en in de plaats een boek te lezen tot het uiteindelijk in de voormiddag leek op te klaren. Daar de dorpen met de auto niet bereikbaar zijn moest alles met het openbaar vervoer. Met de bus tot aan het station en dan met de trein van dorp tot dorp. Niet zo simpel dat openbaar vervoer. Ik sta nog liever in de file. En wat een drukte op de treinen en in die bergdorpjes. Zeker 100.000 waren van het zelfde gedacht ... read more
Cinque Terre kusten
Monterosso - strand
Monterosso strand

Europe » Italy » Liguria » La Spezia June 19th 2017

We pack up and head out of Lerici knowing this is a place we want to return to and spend at least a couple of days enjoying the beach and exploring the castle. We decide to head to Cinque Terre, yet again not having an actual location or address to go to, we simply follow this crazy winding road with Jane the Waze Captain giving us instructions most of the time Anthony vehemently disagrees with "her" and continues to call her names. The roads are narrow, and steep, we miss a turn and disagree on whether to follow Jane as she recalculates or actually attempt a U-Turn in the middle of a mountain road that is at best 1 ½ lanes. Suffice it to say that we wait for a round-about as per Jane's instructions versus ... read more
Lerici 2
La Spezia
La Spezia 4

Europe » Italy » Liguria » La Spezia February 4th 2016

Stopped again for a thankful few days: in La Spezia. Whilst we love the location of our accommodation we are not so enamoured with the crazy traffic and busyness of these 'small' cities by local standards. After taking some beautiful seaside photos of la spezia this morning, we escaped to Portovenere, the first of the cinque Terre national park towns but not one of the famous five. Of course the locals say it is the best: tomorrow we will find out if they are right or not. We are staying in a 3 century old family home: sadly though our room is in a refurbished apartment on the ground floor, but it is positioned on the hills overlooking la spezia and the views are magnificent. The town of Portovenere was magnificent, with a beautiful church: Chiasma ... read more
The city
Boats in harbour

Europe » Italy » Liguria » La Spezia June 14th 2015

Got up at 7am and I said to Mal and Lexie time to get up they said Nnnnooooo More Sleep... so I went back to bed... Mal got up at 8.30 and talked to Roberto while Lexie and I slept in, we woke at 9am and raced to get dressed, left Mal a note to say that we had gone to breakfast because he was still on the phone we raced down to La Muse but they were closed, Giancarlo came out and snuck us in for some tea and toast, donuts and croissant. We decided not to go on any excursions today because they were all to Florence and Pisa and we will visit them when we stay in Florence next week. Instead we thought we would wander through La Spezia, there was a free ... read more
Man on a horse
More narrow little cobblestone streets
Shops open yay

Europe » Italy » Liguria » La Spezia May 18th 2015

So, I'll be up front about my physical condition right now: I don't think I should've eaten the pizza at the Indian restaurant yesterday. Draw your own conclusions from that. Things are much better now, but it has taken its toll on me throughout the day. Otherwise, today has been rather relaxed. We had a good breakfast again at the hotel before checking out just before 10 AM. Then we walked down towards the train station and found a nice outdoor café where we did a little writing and reading. Eno did some journaling and then some work that she brought with her. I wrote my postcards and then read part of a book I had started reading last summer but let it fall by the wayside when school picked back up. I later finished it ... read more
Some marching band-type group in front of the theatre
Street lined with little Italian flags
Garibaldi statue

Europe » Italy » Liguria » La Spezia May 14th 2013

Today we headed to the beach in the 5 lands. They are part of the UNESCO world heritage list. We had about 4 hours to explore the small town, and go for a swim/ hang out on the beach. We then travelled on a boat to get to La Spezia where we stayed the night. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well, must have caught it from as she's just getting over her sickness so I went to bed early that night. It was a nice relaxing day, there wasn't any major sites we saw that day but it was a nice peaceful day.... read more
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Europe » Italy » Liguria » La Spezia August 24th 2012

Day 41 to 45 (09/08 to 12/08) So I now have a theory, every place on earth that is just like heaven starts with the letter A, Australia, Annecy and Amalfi Coast and luckily I was able to spend 4 days in the latter. The bus ride to get to Amalfi was incredible but you really put your life in the hands of the bus driver. The road hugs the coastline, with many a sheer drop right into the ocean and so many blind corners and roads between buildings that are only wide enough for one car, but that doesn't stop the driver from driving as though he was on a highway! I'm not sure that you could stay in a hotel along the coast that didn't have an incredible view and my little hotel didn't ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » La Spezia July 26th 2012

Thanks to the rail strike (apparently a common occurence in Italy) we arrived a bit late. After some confusion over transport, our host (Matteo) picked us up from the train station and drove us back out to his place which was just out of La Spezia. There were already another couple of couch surfers in the (small, two bedroom) unit, and things got even busier when a larger group of five Estonian couch surfers arrived. They ended up camping on the front deck! Matteo's housemate Andrea cooked up an awesome spaghetti pasta which we munched into, before some other friends came over to visit and we sat around chatting on the deck for a few hours. The next day we found out at 7am that Matteo's flat was next to a church...with loud bells. The two ... read more
A crowd
Blue water
Pebble Beach.

Europe » Italy » Liguria » La Spezia May 10th 2011

Geo: 44.22, 9.52 GUN 11 günlerden SALI Sabah 09:00 gibi yola çıktık. Eski anılarımız bir, bir önümüzden geçiyor Poggibonsi,Empoli ve Pisa'dan sonra, artık Ayşe için geleneksel ziyaret yeri olan Viareggio yolu üzerindeki Mc Donald s' a vardık .... Saat gerçi 11:00 ..adamlar yeni açıyorlar ve soran gözlerle bize bakıyorlar .. "aşeriyorlar herhalde" diye .. Saate maate bakmadan Ayşecik hamburgere yumuluyor. Minik bir serçe de yemeğe ortak.. Olsun be … Allah herkesin rızkını verir... Viareggio girişinde, Nermin (GPS), geleneksel kazığını attı ve bu bize fazladan 14 +14 km ye mal oldu.. 14 ü gidiş 14 ü dönüş olmak üzere.. Viareggio'yu geçince, İtalyan Riviera'sına daldık. Çok yavaş akıyoruz fakat sahilin keyfine varıyoruz. ... read more
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