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June 14th 2012
Published: June 15th 2012
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Day 33

Wake up to a beautiful day. Down to the harbour to get a boattoo the Cinque Terre. The boat is waiting and we get told that as the seas are still a bit rough the boats can only go to Portevenere and then Monterosso. The other 4 CT stops are out of action.

No problem, we still get to see these towns which are hung precariously of the cliffs. A fascinating sight with the terraces going almost vertically up the hills. Not too sure how they tend them or even get up and down the hills anyway.....

The boat takes us into the shore as close as it can go and points out the towns, points of interest (in Italian and French only so we get an idea of what is being said). Bit rough (swell rolls the boat so walking an interesting effort). Get lots of shots...

Arrive in Monterosso and walk the market then the hilly streets through little arcades and back streets. This town got flooded badly last year so there is a lot of work being done to some old places (being renovated, etc.).

Saw a place serving nice oysters so decide to have a good lunch and then we will just snack for tea when we get back. First restaurant we pick doesn't feel right so we move closer to the water. Good choice. Their oysters were huge and the pasta we ordered (after seeing others eating it) was really nice. Walk to the other part of town - beach area where there are lots of people swimming, tourist groups heading back to the trains and people everywhere.

Get back to the boat - huge queue and lts of teenagers pushing past everybody to get on the boat... Arrive in Portevenere and have over an hour to look at the town. Another church on another hill.... Get to the top of the tower and have great views of the town and where we have just come from.

While up here we see some baby seagulls (much bigger versions here) trying to fly. As we watch one gets very adventurous and nearly takes flight a few times.

Back to the boat and to Lerici. Get some fresh bread, cheese and meat from a little shop (all cut to size and number by the shop person). Back to the hotel. On the way pmthe hill we hear sirens... Get to the top and the road is blocked solid by cars, trucks and buses. Up the hill from the hotel there has been an accident which has blocked the road. No traffic up or down. To make matters worse, Italy are playing soccer now in the Euro cup. Some very frustrated motorists.

Walk into the hotel and lots gathered around the tv watching the soccer - no interest in the traffic issues.... Go to the room and watch the soccer and cars getting thickera with no movement. Eventually a tow truck brings a crashed car down, followed by an ambulance going up the hill. Slowly cars are moving one way then the other.

Go downstairs to watch soccer with the boys just as Italy get a goal - all hell breaks out. All happy until Croatia equalize with about 10 minutes to go. Very nervous people watching now.. Finally a draw seems a good result.

Get some wine and our goodies and go to the terrace and sit and watch the sunset and eat our bread, cheese and meats. Very pleasant way to finish the day


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