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Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre » Monterosso al Mare May 31st 2018

Sometimes it's hard to decide where to go for a long weekend in Europe, this time we decided to visit Cinque Terre in Italy after a recommendation from a friend. Flying in to Genoa, we immediately headed to the train station for a 1.5hr, slow train, ride along the North West Coast of Italy to the first Terre, Monterosso Al Mare where we were staying. Cinque terre comprises of five small and different towns along a small section of the coast. The five towns are Monterosso Al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. All can be accessed by train but to go just one train stop will cost 4 euros. You can get a pass but we were quite sneaky and didn't pay for any tickets. As it was a sunny day on a Sunday, lots ... read more
Cinque Terre Coast
Cinque Terre Coast

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre » Monterosso al Mare August 20th 2017

After my return from the Tuscany day trip, I met up with the friends I had made in the hostel in the last couple of days, and we decided that we should get a few bottles of wine and chill out for the night on the rooftop terrace. A grand plan! We bought the wine from a man in a local off-licence, who after we’d bought it, told us to hide the bottles in our bags as he wasn’t allowed to sell alcohol past 9 o’clock! So we surreptitiously smuggled the wine back into the hostel, and sat down to open it, only to remember that wine in central Europe never opens by screw top. Bugger! But it’s ok! – because I had brought the 12 piece multitool set given to me by my brother-in-law, Nick, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre » Monterosso al Mare May 25th 2015

We headed out for our hike about 9:30. The first leg of the hike between the 5 towns is from Monterosso and Vernazza. Some guide books say it takes 2 hours and some say 1.5 hours. With tons of stops for photos we made it in 2 hours which is pretty good for folks on Social Security. The trail wasn't that busy or that difficult. In some places the stairs were steep and it was a little tough for Jack's knees. He found it more difficult than Petra, but it probable had more to do with his overall fitness, than anything else. The view are spectacular which is why so many people come here. We arrived in Vernazza to find it was as crowded at Monterosso. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre » Monterosso al Mare May 24th 2015

Today was basically a travel day. We left our hotel early and while waiting for the vaporetto watched the MSC Musica being towed out of the Grand Canal. The ship is 92,000 tons, carries 2,500 passengers and is 16 stories tall. Clearly it dwarfs anything in Venice. Our guide, Cristina, explained the environmental damage ships like this cause. I would agree that ships like this have no business in the Grand Canal and it won't be too far in the future until they have no Venice to destroys.Our first train was to Milan where we able to get a nice lunch to take with us. We arrived in Monterosso at about 3. The area around the train station was so congested that we had to fight ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre » Monterosso al Mare July 4th 2013

1/2 dayBreakfast and bags ready to go to Milan station and off to Cinque Terre.We have plenty of time before the train arrives and snack...and a little Internet ..Time to go..we are about to board the train and this guy gets our bags on the train...for a small fee of course....because its the regional train luggage storage is very he leaves our bags in the corridor..which everyone says its ok but then we see that everyone is trying to get through....a man and a young boy, helps us get Carmen bag in the shelves of the bag stays ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre » Monterosso al Mare April 10th 2013

Today we woke up to SUN! We had 2 days of walking to go but the best trail we wanted to do was Vernazza to Monterosso which is actually technically shut. So we decided to do it anyway as we have seen lots of people walking it! We had heard that it was very treacherous and 2 miles of steep steps but stunning views so we were excited about the views but I was not excited about the stairs after how my back coped slash didnt cope yesterday with all the uphill stair climbing! So I downed a 3 euro 50 red bull, did some stretches in the sun to prepare! And off we went! It was such a gorgeous day! Perfect temperature and the sun was streaming through! We climbed for a bit and looked ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre » Monterosso al Mare April 9th 2013

We woke up and had breakfast in bed calzones or coconut pastries for breakie this morning. We had Italy's other traditional breakfast, corn flakes. We couldn't keep justifying spending too much on breakie! I nipped down the street and ordered a slightly weaker coffee to start our day, latte machiattos, which to Rach's satisfaction was a lot easier to drink than yesterday's caffiene overload. We spent the morning planning our day, which was largely dependent on the Cinque Terre weather behaving itself, and going by last night's thunder storm and prediction for rain this afternoon, this was no easy task. We settled on heading to Levanto/Monterosso and doing a nice 'little' walk in between. Before venturing off, we decided to quickly have a sneak peak at 'trail 2 – Vernazza to Montarosso'; one of the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre » Monterosso al Mare May 12th 2011

Geo: 44.1464, 9.65572 GUN 13 günlerden PERŞEMBE Monterosso'ya vardık. Monterosso bildiğiniz gibi Kızıldağ anlamına geliyor. Bu sahilin en büyük plajı ve düzlüğüne niye "kızıl dağ" demişler anlamak mümkün değil. Aynen bizim Kızıltepe-Mardin ilişkisi.. Kızıltepe adı tepe olmakla birlikte bir düzlüktür.. Mardin ise, yüce bir tepenin üzerine kondurulmuş bir kenttir.. Her gittiğimde şaşırırım bu işe... Turhan'lar ilk defa geliyor buraya …mihmandarlık bana düştü. Kısaca anlatayım Yan yana iki koydan meydana geliyor.. Plajı "gel denize gir" diye çağırıyor. Biz uymadık ve ikinci koya gitmek üzere yola çıktık.... hatta iki koyu birbirinden ayıran kayalığa bilem tırmandık. Tepede ... read more
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