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October 18th 2010
Published: October 18th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

As you probably gathered from the title, the main focus of this entry is about my new rain-boots, which I proudly bought about a week ago.

I had been eyeing this shoe store for about a month now. Not because they have fancy Italian heals in the window like every other shop in town, but because they had an awesome display of rain-boots hanging on hooks outside of the shop. One pair was a beautiful green color that extended past the knee and a good way up the thigh. Of course I wanted these but didn’t think they were practical unless I intended on wading three feet into water on a daily basis. Another pair, with a similar green color caught my eye. They were sturdy and had cool lace holes on the front. There were also other simple but cool looking, cheap boots on display. Finally last week, I decided it was time to purchase a pair of these lovely creatures. Dragging Katie along for moral support I went to the shop. The ones I really wanted were too big, I’m sure they only made men’s sizes assuming women would not wear such badass cool boots. There was another pair that caught my eye, they were a similar color to the ones I wanted and I had to have them. The store owner told me those were for I uomani (men) and the exactly same but black ones were for le donne (women), but he didn’t object to me buying the men’s ones.

I walked home happily with my purchase. When I told my roommates about my exciting new boots, Ace was excited for me but Alesandro laughed. Apparently no one buys rain-boots for the winter, instead they continue to be fashionable and take the risk of getting their cute shoes wet. Rain-boots are only used by people who work out in the country cultivating their land. So now here I am, making the transition from the warm season where I wore my flip flops and got laughed at by all of Viterbo, to the cold season where I am now the only one in the whole town with rain-boots. I just can’t get it right, no matter what I do, no matter how much Italian I learn or how many times I Introduce myself as Lucia with an Italian accent, the whole of the town will know I am American because of my shoes. My life is so hard.

Despite this huge problem, I love my rain-boots, I wear them everyday even when it’s not raining. The other day at the bus station, a man kept on looking at me, I thought he was a creep but turns out he just liked my boots, he came over and asked me where I got them and he wasn’t joking either. I am convinced that by December, when it is raining hard, everyone in town will have rain-boots. It may take some time but it’s possible. As of now, I have about 10 eyes glaring at me at all times as I walk down the street, I didn’t realize people could be so prejudice against rain-boots. I know that about 50% of the time I pass someone on the street, they will make a double take to stare at my boots. I want to respond by turning around and glaring back at them but I think I will turn around and say Buon Giorno instead.
Ciao Tutti, thanks for hearing a bit of sillyness


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