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March 12th 2016
Published: March 12th 2016
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Left straight from work yesterday - what a great feeling let me tell you.

I had fun at the bus station - I like when their drivers and security people are up for some laughs. They were teasing people about all sorts of things (including putting kids in the storage bins) and it was just a fun atmosphere which isn't something I think I have ever said about Greyhound lol. One of the guys started teasing me about my luggage - I was the only one going to the airport without massive bag. I have my packing down to a T thank you.

The flight was ok out of Montreal - I saw two of my students at the airport which was amusing. I might not have found it as amusing if we were on the same plane 😉

I knew I'd have a tight connection at Heathrow. Tbh I assumed I'd miss my flight - Heathrow is a total pain in the ass because they make you go through customs clearance and then go through the whole round of security again. Chill UK, we aren't even staying. Anyway... for some reason airlines still book 65min connections which are nearly impossible to make. So... my flight from Montreal landed 20min early and I still had to run and go through express lanes. Running day one of the vacation - not ideal.

I slept lights-out on the flight to Rome - I opened my eyes twice, and both times went right back out. That's always the case when I have a double flight.

So, Rome is interesting. First of all, I have never seen anywhere with more of a disregard for lines than their airport. I stood my ground to keep my place at both customs and at the bus station, but man people had zero regard for it. People need to learn to relax.

(Uh, speaking of airports. Even though I went through customs twice, neither time they asked me how long I was staying or why I was visiting. Minor details?)

Anyway - Rome! Since I only got into the city around 3:30pm, I didn't do all that much today other than just aimlessly wander around the Termini Station and the area around my hotel. I'm pretty central, so I did see some nice statues and fountains just in that little look around. I'm excited for tomorrow when I'll really get out and go!


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