Day 13 - Rome

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September 10th 2015
Published: September 15th 2015
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Day 13 - Rome

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Santa Maria MaggioreSanta Maria MaggioreSanta Maria Maggiore

I thought when we arrived at our hotel that this was the front of the cathedral
I am going to include the 2 days in Rome in this 1 blog with the final day in the Vatican. Today is another transfer day. A late start since we had to wait for our turn to leave the ship. Had to wait for our transfer shuttle from Civitavecchia to Rome. Last off the shuttle so we got a good tour with a drive around the city. Another observation… crossing the street is taking your life into your own hands. Everyone is texting & driving – including the scooter drivers!

In the morning we got on the Hop on Hop off bus which takes us to all the highlights of Rome. The first stop is the Forum, the Palantine hills and then the Colosseum.

It’s still hotter than you can believe with extreme humidity so with little or no exertion, you are covered in sweat, which as it turns out may not be a bad thing.

So as we are wandering around the forum and then the Palantine hills, we are soaked. Then we had the discussion with the Hop on Hop off people who screwed up our ticket and we had to spend another 36 euros
Santa Maria MaggioreSanta Maria MaggioreSanta Maria Maggiore

OK this is more like it.
for the guided tour of the Colosseum. So after the tour we proceeded to the upper level at which point as Elke was lagging behind me on the stairs a couple of “gypsies” were bumping into me. At the second level I stopped and turned around about to bop someone in the nose only to find my wallet ½ way out of my pocket and the “gypsies” nowhere in sight. Because of a sweaty wallet, they were foiled.

An extremely large area in old Rome holds the ruins of many groups of buildings. It is staggering to think about how old they are and a little sad that there isn’t more of the pieces to see.

Well it finally rained.. didn’t relieve the humidity at all but we spent the time in a café for lunch.

Finished up and headed back to the hotel. After all the walking and the shopping we had to take a cab back.

Many thanks to Sue Mathieson for all of her help in planning this trip.

If any one needs her help just ask and we will get you in touch.

Thanks Sue!

Tomorrow – The Vatican

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Marcus SlipperiusMarcus Slipperius
Marcus Slipperius

what's wrong withe this picture?
Trevi fountainTrevi fountain
Trevi fountain

still looks amazing but not quite the same without the water
Race trackRace track
Race track

a little small for NASCAR but Ben Hur thought it was just right

AC did not work, no face cloths, no glass cups.. not sure how they got 4 stars

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