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April 1st 2013
Published: May 6th 2013
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Under the late afternoon sun
If there is another city that I would love to return to, it has to be Rome.

Not because it boasts the stunning scenery like the Alps, nor is it having extremely cordial locals that made me feel so much at home. On the contrast, the herd of tourists heading there seeking photos of the famous Colosseum can easily put a traveller off. Coupled that with the constant threat of pickpockets and street scammers, its hardly the ideal destination.

It is rather, because of the richness in history and culture that this glorious city has to offer. It is for the reason that the Rome ruins from over thousand years ago seem to be able to speak and get distant descendants like us to wonder and ponder what might have been. It is because one seem to be doing a time travel back into ancient times, where it all began, to witness extraordinary 'modernity'.

Seeing is believing, as the saying goes. Stepping into the Colosseum confirms that, taking my breath away. So much so that I bought an illustrative book "Everyday Life in Imperial Rome" (hence this post title) to aid in the visualisation of the ruins and life back in the past.

Rome isn't just about the ancients and the history lessons though. It also showcases some of the world's most famous architectures and attractions, including the many water fountains. Not to mention that at least half to a full day has to be catered for visitation into the world's smallest city-state, Vatican. So, the 3 days we spent there was hardly enough!

That said, we managed to cover at least the main ones, including the must-go Colosseum, to witness the grand Flavian amphitheatre and how some of our modern stadiums just pale in comparison. We were also very lucky to catch Pope Francis give his Good Friday message on that evening in front of the Colosseum, a gathering that draws mass crowds from all over the world. A day of wondering in the tiny Vatican and the nearby Castel Sant' Angelo and another doing fountain-hopping together with Spanish steps and the Pantheon sums up our seemingly short trip in Rome. It was still a pity we did not cover some parts of the Roman Forums and the interior of Pantheon (what a legitimate reason to return!)

So with Rome comes the end of our trip in Italy, as we boarded the return flight back to Vienna. The past 2 and a half weeks sums up our beautiful journey of exploring and understanding, of the many amazing places we went and of course, of ourselves, our relationship and our love. It is indeed, rewarding. 😊

For now, she will continue her studies as I embark on another journey to the East. Eastern Europe awaits.

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Fontana di TreviFontana di Trevi
Fontana di Trevi

the all-so-famous fountain
Spanish StepsSpanish Steps
Spanish Steps

massive crowds

Colosseum Colosseum

in the late morning

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