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November 12th 2012
Published: November 12th 2012
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Road TripRoad TripRoad Trip

Woo hoo! Let the adventures begin!
A flurry of pixelated confetti and an awkward bing bong ding dong sound I wasn't familiar with...the countdown on my computer had finally reached zero after weeks of anticipation!

But alas, poor weather conditions made me wait one more excruciatingly long day for Theodoric's arrival. My favorite Newfoundlander finally arrived on a very rainy Halloween, greeted by a very frazzled me. Communication breakdown, dead cell phone, house full of screaming Italians with wet trousers...not exactly the type of welcome I wanted to give. But I was thrilled to have him here for our second meeting. His visit was of course much anticipated and warmly received.

For the kids he brought many fun gifts but the biggest hit by far was the TMNT t-shirt which he brought for Matteo. I learned later in the week that Matteo wore that shirt four days in a row. I'm sure this shirt was also the inspiration behind the salad tong-sword related bruise on his eye.

For me he brought tons of love and plans for a super exciting road trip weekend. Four days full of excitement, advenures and life long memories. Four days that would become the best weekend everrrrr.

You can read about each road trip stop in my separate blog posts.


13th November 2012

Chanelle, you are a wonderful writer! Very talented. I am happy to know that you had a wonderful visit with Theodoric. He seems like a great partner for you. I am glad that you are so happy.

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