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October 24th 2012
Published: October 24th 2012
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Well, our trip has now ended L We are now in the hotel, getting ready for our looong trek home back to Australia. Today we went to the Castel Sant’Angelo, and old castle near the Vatican. It was so awesome, and greater by the fact it was an expensive sight, so our Roma pass really paid off with the Colosseum and transport as well. We walked around the old fortress and took many panoramic photos of Roma. Afterward, we had a very lovely lunch (yes pasta) which was great for our last lunch in Italy.

Well, what to say about our trip. Sooo happy we did Lebanon we had the opportunity – with the terrible events that have unfolded with the bombing in Achrafiye (near where we were staying) last week and now secretarian violence…I feel very fortunate indeed that we had the opportunity to go to Lebanon. It was an awesome trip, a few hiccups in the beginning with our tour, but it ended up being a fantastic experience. Greece, and in particular Santorini, lovely. Although touristy, staying in Firostefani was a refuge a bit from the throngs of tourists (although touristy in its own right). And it was very nice to meet up with fellow aussie (and a talented male belly dancer) Jamil. The UK – although I had a hard time understanding the Scots and finding food I liked (oh and getting used to the cold, I did enjoy it. London, after my screams of frustration of the London and UK transport system and bookings, I did enjoy it. Meeting up with Sonya who is from Brisbane as well, was great and the three of us had a great time catching up with the news (and discussing politics!) from home. Oxford, great to see our dear friend Alan. Who knew, 4 years after our intrepid trip to the Middle East, we would be meeting up again (for the 3rd time!) first in Budapest in 2009, and again now. And AGAIN in November when he will be visiting Brisbane! We are very fortunate indeed to have met him and Bill and I both strive to be as fit and active (mentally and physically) when we are his age and beyond! Grantham – so lovely to see Fiona again after 20 years – and her parents! It feels like we haven’t been separated all those years but we had. And to meet her husband Marcus and brand new little boy Riley was a pleasure J

Paris – loved it second time around. I realise my French is so rusty and I need to get over my timidness of speaking foreign languages! Amsterdam – so great to see Biab and Douwe again! After 9 years I am in Amsterdam again! SO great to see Penny and Anna again after their awesome trip to Asia, Australia and NZ 2 years ago, and of course Aunty Punee, the ever gracious host. I met (or re-met) my cousin King and his girlfriend….it was just a great time.

Finishing in Italy, we had a fab time. Everyone we spoke to (bar my parents) bagged Milan but we liked it. Venice – overrun by tourists which was a real turn off for me, but what a beautiful city. Florence and Tuscany, what more can I say? Bellissimo! Rome – just great so much to do and so little time.

Well, that is all from my 2012 adventure – ciao, au revoir, ma’salama etc. etc. Until the next time!! J


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