Day 12 - Tour the Vatican Museum and the Cistine Chapel

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October 3rd 2012
Published: October 7th 2012
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This time the day didn't start too early! We had a more time for breakfast and preparing for the day. The weather was beautiful, the air was crisp and we didn't seem to have too much of a hangover from the Tuscan tour the day before. Oh joy we could continue the party without interruption.

We made our way to the Rome City Center by the hotel bus, walked around the area of the bus stop, saw more sites, the ruins of the Occtavia brought to light some human bones under the buildings. This site made me reflect on the millions of lives that have gone through the streets of Rome over the last thousands of years. Phew, pretty deep stuff!

I included almost 50 pictures of the Vatican Museum. There is such vastness and opulence my words are muted by such beauty. Of course, I could not take pictures of the Cistene Chapel, so I hope you can see the wonderful works of Michael Angelo in the poster pictures. There were also massive paintings by Raphael. He was born the same year as Michael Angelo but died 50 years earlier (too much fun, right?).

We made our way from the museum to some shopping area outside of St. Peter's Basilica. We had toured the big church a few days prior and skipped the opportunity to go in with the massive crowds. Apparently, that day was another opportunity for students & locals to get a lesson from the Pope in the morning. That also meant that we were mobbed in the Vatican museum with a lot of people too. We stopped for dinner at a corner cafe run by some East Indian people and received the best service, the most wonderful food and the wine was fabulous, too.

After the dinner, we wondered over to a street fair of tents with a bunch of local goods (silk scarves, jewelry, Milano glass, leather purses, unusual arts, etc.). Fortunate for me there was a Bancomat real close and I was able to score on some jewelry and silk scarves. Then we found a cab and made our way back to the hotel.

Additional photos below
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Occtavia ruins 05Occtavia ruins 05
Occtavia ruins 05

discovered human remains that are possibly 2000 years old
Occtavia ruins 06Occtavia ruins 06
Occtavia ruins 06

remains are out in the open
Vatican 04Vatican 04
Vatican 04

the Pope's garden
Vatican 08Vatican 08
Vatican 08

The poster of the ceiling Cisten Chapel to help the tour guides explain these works of art.Michael Angelo painted this when he was about 30 years old.
Vatican 09Vatican 09
Vatican 09

the panels of paintings that surround the ceiling
Vatican 10Vatican 10
Vatican 10

The judgement painting over the alter. Michael Angelo also painted this but when he was over 60 years old

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