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February 18th 2012
Published: April 11th 2012
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Rome connoisseurs know that winter is the best time of all In winter, the marble and travertine edges are sharper, the colours are more vivid and the low-flying sun turns Rome into a huge Baroque stage set. Lee Marshall, The Telegraph 6 Nov 2010 Here are some impressions from February 2012 when Rome was covered in snow for the first time in 26 years. See also Vatican and Rome in summer.... Read Full Entry

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The Victor Emmanuel II monumentThe Victor Emmanuel II monument
The Victor Emmanuel II monument

It honours Victor Emmanuel who was the first king of unified Italy
Circus MaximusCircus Maximus
Circus Maximus

Only very little remains of what was the largest stadium in the Roman empire
Via dei fori imperialiVia dei fori imperiali
Via dei fori imperiali

This street runs along and above the Forum of Trajan, Forum of Augustus and the Roman Forum, parts of which can be seen on both sides of the road.
Temple of Saturn, Roman ForumTemple of Saturn, Roman Forum
Temple of Saturn, Roman Forum

Gradual collapse has left nothing but the remains of the front portico standing
Trajan's ForumTrajan's Forum
Trajan's Forum

Basilica Ulpia and Trajan's column
Trajan's marketTrajan's market
Trajan's market

The arcades in Trajan's market were built around 110 AD in a multi-level structure
Forum of AugustusForum of Augustus
Forum of Augustus

The forum and its temple were inaugurated in 2 BC
Forum of AugustusForum of Augustus
Forum of Augustus

Remains of Forum of Augustus with the Temple of Mars Ultor.
Palace of JusticePalace of Justice
Palace of Justice

The Palace of Justice, completed in 1910, and Ponte Umberto I spanning the Tiber river
Castel Sant' AngeloCastel Sant' Angelo
Castel Sant' Angelo

Initially commissioned as a mausoleum by the Roman Emperor Hadrian the building was later used by various popes as a fortress
Angel with the spongeAngel with the sponge
Angel with the sponge

Ponte Sant' Angelo
Statue, Arch of ConstantineStatue, Arch of Constantine
Statue, Arch of Constantine

The statue overlooks Santa Francesca Romana's 12th century campanile

View from the Oppian Hill

24th June 2012

Stunning photos!
You're absolutely right. Rome in winter is most charming!

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