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June 16th 2009
Published: June 16th 2009
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"When in Rome," has been the justification tool used by my travel buddies, and myself, for just about anything that you would normally hesitate to do (don't make any crazy assumptions, just take it as it is).

Now that I am in Rome, I understand why that saying holds true for many situations in other countries.

The asinine wisdom published below is either the result of my immense mental capabilities, or the 6 hour walk I took through Rome in 93 degree (Rome is not the place to be stubborn and not use public transportation):

When in Rome, works so well to justify all crazy ideas, because the damn Romans already have done everything. Remember how I mentioned earlier on that everything is sort of starting to blend together, canals, churches, fountains, statues? Well, the culmination of that blending lies here in Rome, where everything that has been done in Europe (canals, churches, fountains, statues), was done here first (or they destroyed the ones that were made first so that they could be first).

The buildings here are insane. From fountains the size of the UofA campus, to a monument commemerating some emporer that is seriously the size of our Capitol Building. But, the speficic buildings which helped me break through the fog and understand this saying are the churches in Rome!

I have not read much of the religious history of Rome, but I am pretty sure this is the jist of it:

Caeser: "We need more churches, 22 isn't enough, build 45 more...and I want each one to be bigger than the last!
Jafar: Wonderful idea sire, anything else we can do to please you?
Caeser: Yes, make a church the size of Luxemborg, and then, and then.... I will declare it is its own country!
Jafar :BRILLIANT sire"

(Jafar was placed in this history lesson to provide a vivid image of Caesers right hand man)

I hope you all enjoyed my history lesson mixed with malnourishment, leg pain, and delirium.

In other news, being the expert traveler that I have become, I laughed at the people using public transportation, I knew that all I needed was my map, my camelbak, and my headphones and I could conquer this city in one day. Well, I was DEAD WRONG.

Rome is truly an amazing city. Not only is it enormous, but everywhere you turn there are 2000 year old relics, be it a wall, an arena, a pillar, guessed it, a church! I will write more about the sights later.

Lastly, the hostel I am staying in definitely wins the award for "most likely to get raped in." There is one key per room and they keep it at the front desk, so at any time someone can walk in, ask for the key, and enjoy my personal items (or me)!

Im off to a 3 hour walking tour which will place me a 9 hours walking for the day, hopefully that won't further my delirium and inspire another senseless entry, or hopefully it will.



22nd June 2009

Hi, look end ENJOY the splendor of the old world,, at least it has history (good and bad) ,,this new world has none except EMANCIPATION of the WOMAN,, how do you like my philosophy????? Cant wait to see you ,thanks for the B DAY wishes. Love from,, G P

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