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September 13th 2007
Published: September 13th 2007
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Well... I finally decided... the bigger the suitcase the better. At the suggestion of some.... more room for goodies...

After a long days journey.. we finally made it into Rome!! Bonjourno (probably wrong way to spell, but hey.. I'm american... what can I say).

We trekked it on the train, which really isn't as easy as someone said.... but once we got it all figured out... we made it to our little B&B that we're staying in. It's called Anne's Place... I've only been here little less than an hour, but if anyone ever comes to Rome.... and wants to stay outside of the city (about 35 minutes) I highly recommend this place... The owner is WONDERFUL!! So nice, the place is quaint and very clean... and you know what that means by my standards. When we look out onto the terrace, we see lots of greenery.. not sure if it's vineyards.. but there are trees.... it's so quiet and peaceful... that you just want to say AHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!! This is what it's all about....

OK... that's it for now... I think I need a quick powernap before we decide to head back out again... if not a nap then definitley a shower!!! Not that I stink... the hair's just awful :O)

Hope all is well back home and I'll blog as much as I can... that is if you can stand it!!!



13th September 2007

Italia! Ciao Bella!
YAY! I'm glad you made it safely there and YAY i'm glad you updated your blog and sent me a link :) I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to actually talk/see you before you left and wish you a safe and fun trip!!! Well...yay for going with the bigger suitcase, better more room and no room at all :) Take in the Italian air and take in the Italian food. Now you can finally say...when in rome! anyhoo, exciting and funny news on my end. email me when you can! miss you love you :)

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