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August 18th 2005
Published: August 18th 2005
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I spent this past month of July taking beginning level Italian language lessons at Dilit School in Roma. It was a worthwhile experience that provided me with basic skills in Italian. I can now order food and drink, purchase a train or bus ticket, find out how to get to Campo di Fiori or Piazza di Spagna, and best of all make new Italian friends--all in Italian. But the best part of being at Dilit was the camaraderie I shared with other international students at the school, who were also learning to: parlare italiano.

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Gelato italiano--Incredibile!!Gelato italiano--Incredibile!!
Gelato italiano--Incredibile!!

You don't know how good Italian ice cream is until you've tried it.
Sitting in the Roman sunSitting in the Roman sun
Sitting in the Roman sun

A well-deserved break after an afternoon of seeing the Roman sights.
Andiamo in trenoAndiamo in treno
Andiamo in treno

One way to get around Roma easily with friends is on the metropolitana
All'aria apertaAll'aria aperta
All'aria aperta

A lovely ristorante along the Tevere (Tiber River)--dining outside, in the open air is the best in Trastevere on the Isola Tiberina.
Vorrei una birra alla spinaVorrei una birra alla spina
Vorrei una birra alla spina

Italian beer is ice cold and excellent, especially when consumed at a favorite bar in Campo di Fiori.
La terazzaLa terazza
La terazza

Taking a well-earned class break on Dilit's terrace.
 La professoressa La professoressa
La professoressa

Class break is over. Andiamo...allora...ancora...insieme...controllare...una domanda. She was a wonderful teacher.
 Ostia Antica I Ostia Antica I
Ostia Antica I

The foundations of the ancient Roman port city of Ostia date to 1400-400BC. In antiquity, Ostia was at the mouth of the Tiber (Tevere) River. Ostia had its heyday in the second century AD during the reigns of Trajan, Hadrian and Antoninus Pius. My friends and I had its excavated, well-preserved ruins all to ourselves one hot Sunday afternoon.
 Ostia Antica II Ostia Antica II
Ostia Antica II

The floor of an ancient Roman bath?
Ostia Antica IIIOstia Antica III
Ostia Antica III

The streets are dusty and deserted, but it feels like the people still live there.
Ostia Antica IVOstia Antica IV
Ostia Antica IV

Waiking down the old Roman roads.
 Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!
Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Some (Most) of us ordered pizza at this ristorante that set a table for us in an alleyway next to its outside wall.
 Occhiali da sole (Sunglasses) Occhiali da sole (Sunglasses)
Occhiali da sole (Sunglasses)

The proper pair of shades can make all the difference (night or day) in Roma.
 Arrivederci Roma Arrivederci Roma
Arrivederci Roma

My farewell party. Roma was fun!!!

19th August 2005

thanks for sharing a great experience
Don, I'm excited about your trip and great pictures that show why you are so enthusiatic about learning Italian. I'm looking forward to doing the same thing in Mexico for October and part of November. I'll study in Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende. Thanks for the tip about the best place to go.
20th August 2005

Cool shakes and conviviality. Ostia Antica never seems to have visitors. I've been there 3x in 3 different decades and never any other visitors. The ghosts swallow them up.
20th August 2005

Cool Shades
Ostia Antica is always empty of tourists because the ghosts eat the undesirables. The school mates and dinners look marvelous. You rock, Schlief.
24th August 2005

Loving your story-no navel gazing or self-adoration. Very good perspective. Light and fun. Marcos
2nd December 2005

Ice Cream
You should try Bulgaria ice cream- is even better! And yogurt is very special. But Italy food is good and you look like good cook too. Have a good time!

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