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May 24th 2007
Published: May 24th 2007
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camping on the deck of a ferrycamping on the deck of a ferrycamping on the deck of a ferry

from Santorini to Athens
We are kind of sad to have now left the Islands of Greece but we can't sit on the beach forever. We left Santorini (after being dropped off at the ferry terminal on Quad bikes thanks to some great Canadian girls we met - hows that for style (Che, Ali and Erin we can't wait to crash on your couches when we hit Vancouver)) on an overnight ferry. When we jumped on the ferry all the best spots to crash were taken by the locals and there families so we decided somewhat hesitantly to pitch our tent on the back of the ferry to Athens (Photo below). While some of the other passengers thought the tent was so funny that they took pictures, we were the ones laughing when we woke up 8 hours later and had had a great nights sleep. The deck was almost empty when we woke up as most of the people had slept in noisy, bright corridors.

After making it back to Athens we caught a train to Corinth and spent a night there (a story in itself as there was a train strike the next day when we had to get back to
the usual scenethe usual scenethe usual scene

waiting for the ferry in Greece, notice we're brewing up a cuppa in the background
Athens to catch an overnight bus).

From there we went to Corfu, great island. Another overnight ferry to Brindisi (Italy) and then a 5 hr train to Napels and we had finally arrived. Once again Neetz headed for the showers. Had some great pizza in Naples for 3euro and then headed for a camp ground in Pompei.

Pompei was awesome and very interesting, the people must have lived better than most today. Neetz has wanted to see Pompei since her last trip to Italy didn't include it. We camped across the road from the site for 6euro per night (cheapest yet), and went to Pompei on Sunday which is free! Whilst in Pompei we took a day trip out to Positano on the Amalfi Coast with its stunning coastal views and very stylish cars.
Train from Pompei to Rome and we are finally in Rome. We're camping in Rome for 10euro per person in our tent which is about half of the price than a hostel in the city, and where we are has 2 pools, a laundry and all the other good stuff like beer. I highly recommend travellers camp in Italy as the place seems to
Neetz stylin in CorfuNeetz stylin in CorfuNeetz stylin in Corfu

the view from our room at The Pink Palace
be set for camping - Rome, Florence, Bologna, and Venice all have ideal camping grounds. Neetz and I went to the Vatican yesterday, another amazing place. The Sinstine Chapel is something special.
Some comments that should not have been said in the Vatican by Neetz and I include:

i. For God's sake this line in moving slowly.
ii. Holly sh*t check this out, and worst of all said by me
iii. Jesus, its a hell of a hot day.

It's especially bad when there's a nun standing behind you!

From here we are heading to Florence, Bologna, Venice and then Northern Italy (We are not sure when but somewhere in the mountains and off the beaten track). Then if no one has heard from us for a month we are going through Salzburg to Munich, then to Prague to keep the authorities happy (so we don't over stay 90 days in Europe) and then to Berlin.

Additional photos below
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water funnel from the ferrywater funnel from the ferry
water funnel from the ferry

this appeared on the ferry from Corfu to Igoumenitsa
Neetz stylin in PositanoNeetz stylin in Positano
Neetz stylin in Positano

On the Amalfi Coast in the most expensive part of town...oh yeah!
Fishing at NaplesFishing at Naples
Fishing at Naples

It's a little fishy through the spanish streets in Naples

Tezz walking through the streets of Pompei. You can actually see the grooves from where the horse carriages have travelled on the roads.
What's that mountain called?What's that mountain called?
What's that mountain called?

Pompei with the famous Mt versuvius in the background
the long walkthe long walk
the long walk

these are the crowds walking through to the Sistine Chapel, it's beautiful!

24th May 2007

What a tough time!
Only Terry can pitch a tent on a boat and cook on a gas stove on the sidewalk! You guys sure know how to travel in style. Carry on the good work. Enjoy yourselves and take care. Love, Mum
27th May 2007

Looks like you guys are living the high life. Good to see Tezza's tent pitching skills are coming in handy. Just a quick footy update, State of Origin game one QLD 25 NSW 18. Game 2 June 13.
30th May 2007

I wasn't going to tell you'z that queensland won game 1 of the state of origin cause next to what you kids are up to, I imagine it would attract a care-factor 0. so I thought I'd ask if you can just return to vaticano City and request they quit sending there "goons" around, waking me up at 10 in the morning. enjoy.
30th May 2007

Again, I am jealous. SO happy for you guys though! When are you going to be in NOrth America? I am trying to plan my life...and want to make sure to catch up with you guys in Canada/ USA. :-)
4th June 2007

north america
29th of July we will hit New York. The plan is to do a loop upwards on the east coast, then fly over to the west and do the same before flying out of LA the end of October. would be great to see you!
5th June 2007

Keep me updated Deano
Thanks for the update re state of origin. I miss sport and the beer that is customary with it. Just in Innsbruck (Austria) at the moment. Managed to do my first gym workout in ages in Venice the other day. The gym backed onto a pool, including a topless chick (not Neetz) and restaurant. Yep lifes tough. All the best for Winter.

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