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Europe » Italy » Lazio » Monte Cassino October 1st 2019

Where in the world is our girl Gabby parked? High up above the town of Cassino. Parked up on a spot reserved for camping cars in the abbey car park. Impressive the abbey is too. You can see it from the motorway high up on its hill. It commands the area. So how did we get here? Through a very busy and poorly sign posted town . That is how. We passed stalls where the stallholders were selling fruit and vegetables. We climbed narrow buttock clenching roads with twistbacks and very passing places. Stomach churning at times as the town fell further and further away into the distance far below. It was a long way up. A long drive for Glenn who prayed nothing came the other way. The drop to our one side was jaw ... read more
She was very beautiful
The basilica is up there
One of the courtyards or cloisters

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Monte Cassino May 17th 2017

What a wonderful breakfast to start the day. The pastries were so light and fresh. The rest of the Italian breakfast was well worth trying. Our host even provided fresh cherries from his tree. They were very nice and a thoughtful touch. We are sure this was as a result of our conversation from the night before about our home town being the cherry capital of the world. Last night we had a meal in the old town on the hill overlooking the valley so decided to start our trip to the Amalfi Coast with a quick revisit. Arriving in the main street we discovered a market in full swing. We found an empty parking space next to a vehicle that would be useful for my work back in Alexandra. The sight of this vehicle around ... read more
Monte Cassino Abbey

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Monte Cassino April 12th 2017

Italy Day 17, Thursday, October 20, Sorrento to Rome This morning we left Sorrento and the amazing Amalfi Coast, heading north to our ultimate destination, Rome. To break up the 3 1/2 drive we stopped at the Benedictine Abbey of Montecassino. The abbey is located on top of Monte Cassino, (also called Montecassino) a 1,706 foot high “hill” overlooking the town of Cassino. When we arrived the entire valley was engulfed in clouds. We began to break through the white billowy stuff as our bus wound up the narrow steep switchbacks to the mountain top. Perched high above the town of Cassino, the surrounding atmosphere gave a rather heavenly aspect to the abbey above the clouds. This was previously a heavily pagan area. Cassino, the town at the base of the mountain, was first settled in ... read more
Benedictine Abbey of Montecassino
Inside the Benedictine Abbey of Montecassino
Beautiful floor out to the terrace of the Benedictine Abbey of Montecassino

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Monte Cassino April 30th 2010

Okay this day was eventful....we set the alarm for 6am (12am our time) so that we could get to the train station for a 7:54 train to Cassino...I thought the train was 6:54 and we were going to be late so we ran to the subway off the subway to the train station and tried to figure out how to buy a ticket....Of all the people in Rome (2 mil) who does Larry see in the crowd...Till (short for something) the manager of our bed & breakfast...he helped us buy our tickets and off we went to wait 45 minutes for the train. Larry and I found our first McDonalds..he had cheese toast and mom & I had coffee. We had an interesting train ride through the countryside south of Rome. There was lots of land ... read more
Montecassino 2
Montecassino 3
Montecassino 4

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Monte Cassino March 29th 2009

So this Saturday, Laura and I had a field trip to an Abbey and Castle that dealt with Dominican Monks and St. Thomas of Aquenis. We left and the morning and headed south the Monte Cassino. Its located half way between Rome and Naples in the hills. The Abbey itself is located on top of a mountain on a cliff side. They abbey was neat and actually saw where the monks and civilians camped out during WWII from the Nazis. Most of the Abbey was actually destroyed because it was thought to have housed Nazi soldiers but has been rebuilt in recent years in an exact replication. Regardless it has a small museum, church, and courtyard that overlooks the hills which in my opinion was the best part of the Abbey. Next we made our way ... read more
Church Nave
St. Benedict
View of Mountains

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