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October 2nd 2005
Published: October 3rd 2005
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Met up with my friend Miia at noon today so we could visit Marino which is about a 10 minute bus ride from Frascati center for the annual wine festival.

Once the group was gathered we optomistically headed for the bus stop even if we had no clue when the next one was due to arrive! Very Italian, there is no time table listed when the tourist office is closed and when they're open during the week they won't give you a photo copy of the time table! So the afternoon, festivities have begun. Arrived a the bus stop too early had nearly an hour to kill - in the end most of the group drove up to Marino, thanks to Christian, while Mika (miia's boyfriend) and I took the bus up which worked out wonderfully since we basically all arrived about the same time.

Marino was very festive, already a lot of youthful wino's running around with either Red or White bottles - while all the restaurants, over flowing with patrons, took advantage of the of the day event with 'menu turistico' at 25-30 Euro a head. We eventually managed to find a pizza a talgia with a
Sagra dell'UvaSagra dell'UvaSagra dell'Uva

two local Italian women handing out bundles of sweet grapes to all who walk (or stagger) by.
table for six which was ideal. While we satdown to enjoy our pizza and two bottles of wine we could hear all the 'youth' banging their drums and hollering outside. Needless to say they and everyone was having a great time even with the bit of rain.

After lunch we went outside for the beginning of the parade, followed it up the street then told by safety people to get behind the barriers which gave us another great view to continue watching everyone in the parade walk back down the street followed by horses, belly dancers, and a squad of soldiers.

What a great day! We finished up by walking through the park then heading home to Frascati in Christians car before the sky broke open with rain. Back in Frascati we also realized had Christian not driven we may have been stuck in Marino for a long time because we didn't knowwhere or when to catch the bus back from. .. A lot of fun highly reccomend a visit to Marino during la Sagra dell'Uva!

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Lunch at the only Pizzeria in town with a table for six! Lucky for us we managed to get there in time for the last of the pizza a taglia (cut to order or by the slice)
Banner w/ fountain in backgroundBanner w/ fountain in background
Banner w/ fountain in background

notice the space...everyone is at lunch! about 14 in the afternoon
Locals in period costumes...Locals in period costumes...
Locals in period costumes...

just before the procession began.
TV personality...TV personality...
TV personality...

according to an article I read in Italian I think this may be Simona Ventura?
TV personality No.2 ...TV personality No.2 ...
TV personality No.2 ...

no idea who this woman is but everyone seemed earger to either shake her hand or have a pic on their cellphone.
the masses...the masses...
the masses...

all these people must have been enjoying lunch when we arrived at Marino!
the Turkish ...the Turkish ...
the Turkish ...

beautiful costumes

very Italian 'SNUPI'

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