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May 17th 2008
Published: May 17th 2008
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My dear pal christian talked quite a bit about this place and i can see why. he lives around here somewhere and im not sure he wants me to find him, but when has some little thing like that stopped me. yep, bull in a china shop, thats me. But im getting ahead of myself. yesterday i had plenty of time to explore venice, and boy, what a wacky city. its a miricle its still standing. my brother eric would shit a brick if he saw this nightmare. the bottom walls of buildings are bulging and blowing out on all the buildings so they stick an anchor through the wall ratchet strap it to a wall falling in the opposite direction. yeh it looks that bad. not to mention the whole city is sinking apperently. Otherwise it was really terrific. they say the smell of the canals is the first thing you see, but thats only during the tourist summer season where the sun in hottest and the tourist are every where. i slipped through just before. San Marco Square is pretty much as cool as i saw in the movies. i thought i had a nice shot of the sewer cover Indians Jones comes out of in the third movie, but it didnt work as well as i hoped. i noticed something else strange there are pigions, stray cats, and stray dogs all about and none of them chase each other. its just bizzare. i got a lot of good pics and will put them up as soon as i can. i caught a train at 7 this morning and manage not to get lost, which was nice. Then i sat next to the most beautiful woman ive seen in italy. she spoke very little english so we work through with some italian spanish or spantalian as im calling it. thats pretty much been my day so far. the train got in at 10:30 in i walked about 4 kilometers to the hostel because im to cheap for a bus. i passed maybe three people who didnt turn around to stare at the bitch'in fur coat attached to my pack. dont ask why i have a fur coat. lts all just accept it and move on. the hostel is really nice. i made a good choice. free internet, breakfast, laundry, 1 block from the beach. all for 13 euros. not bad. so i stink, need to do laundry, and am starving so ill say arrivederci for now.


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