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Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Reggio Emilia June 2nd 2012

Well I figured I have been back for a few days and I should wrap up my blog for this trip. I must say I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed my whirlwind trip to London and Northern Italy. Most of you probably heard about all the recent Earthquakes in Italy. Well where I was staying was right in the middle of it, however I was pretty lucky in that we arrived in Reggio Emilia the day after the first major quake and traveling on a train for the second one. Other than a jolt I missed it entirely except the bit of hysteria of the locals worried the big one may strike. My heart goes out to those that lost their homes or a worse a family member. For the most part the area ... read more
The Sculptures are so beautiful here
Bologna Portico
Looking down in Bologna

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Reggio Emilia May 23rd 2012

A hop, skip and a plane ride from London! We had a great flight then proceeded to get on the train fro Parma to reggio emilia. Glad we came after the big Quake that happened here. There is some damage as you can expect fro an area that has such old buildings. he sad part was that at this point 7 people lost their ives and any are left without homes. For the most part everything seems to be going as usual even though several buildings have some daage and barriers surrounding them. Nick and Marks place is very centrally located with cafe's, shop's surroundng it. We wet right away to their favorite hang out spot here everyone seems so nice and welcoming. They go have coffee in the ornng, Prosecco and apertivos in the evenng ... read more
Reggio Emilia

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Reggio Emilia May 1st 2010

In the last few days before leaving Cinque Terra, I contacted a few schools in Genoa (Genova) and was just about to commit to one of them when I decided to do some more reading and got the sense to look around some more first. And, up popped Reggio Emilia. So, I contacted the only school that I could find there and was so impressed by how patient and helpful the contact, Daniela, was that I knew that I would head that way next. After a bunch of back and forth emails, all the arrangements were made and then Daniela wrote me one last one asking if I’d like her to pick me up at the station and take me to the B&B that she had arranged for me for the first two nights. That was ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Reggio Emilia August 20th 2009

Allora... I have had many dreams in the last week from desires about my future to nightmares. I'll tell you about some of these in a bit. I've done a good job avoiding thinking about reality up until now. It was easy when I was oblivious to what was going on in the world and didn't even know when I'd return to America. But now, I'm catching up with people and news, and my return date and all the responsibilities I will face after then are slowly creeping into my thoughts... But, that's my only complaint. Everything else here is just peachy. I do something different every day, while the schedule remains the same. Some new things I've done: pick pears using a wobbly ladder, harvest grapes and began to make a sour liquor, caramelize and ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Reggio Emilia August 11th 2009

Today is Sunday, so I'm not supposed to work, but I've been such a lazy bum for the past week or so that I insisted on some hard manual labor this morning. I weeded around raspberry bushes for 3 hours, in the shade, and while I was working near the pear tree it said, "Sara, you've been working hard and you seem hungry." I was hungry. Then a perfectly ripe fruit fell at my feet and I ate it. Okay, so the tree didn't really talk to me, but the pear did offer itself to me, and life is that beautiful here. Yesterday was some kind of Catholic holiday having something to do with Mary (that's actually how it was described to me). I went with some of the family to a church, but just walked ... read more
Tomato Sauce
More (Italian for Blackberries)

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Reggio Emilia August 7th 2009

I am on another agrotourismo for 2 weeks, but this so is very different from that previous hell hole. The scenery certainly isn't as beautiful, but everything else is better. I was worried about coming here, but after one day I was sure I would have a wonderful stay. Check out the website: There is a husband Maurizio and wife Anna. She speaks excellent English, and he speaks a little. They have 2 sons in their 20s, who are like the guys on the other farm in that they are into American rock music and don't help out much. The parents of both the husband and wife live here, too, I think. I've ended up running into them at some point. The whole family is really laid back which is perfect for work. They grow ... read more
Feeding time
The runt
Angy geese

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Reggio Emilia October 27th 2008

I stayed for a week, maybe more, in a small village outside of Bologna, Italy. My cousin Danny had hosted, Marco, the son of the family I was to stay with. Extended travel takes a lot out of me so I was pretty much rendered useless for the first day (a pretty typical outcome when I travel). Marco and I had been talking via email for a few weeks and I discovered that he was in a band and had a guitar for me to play. But his guitar would not stay in tune so we went down the street to his cousin’s and picked up his cousin’s guitar. His cousin didn’t need it because he was going to be staying in Germany for a few weeks. He is a painter and his art is being ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Reggio Emilia December 22nd 2007

As an Israeli, I’ve always thought of fire as something beautiful, powerful, exotic, fascinating, romantic, dangerous, unpredictable… Our almost only contact with fire is when we have a BBQ, and even then, fire is not wanted, we don’t want to burn the meat (Some of us want only to heat it a little)... Here, in the countryside in Italy it’s a necessity. This is the main way to heat the house, sometimes the way to cook (especially in winter). It’s something that keeps you busy all day and in the evenings. You have to prepare the wood - collect it or buy it, cut it, keep it dry, carry it home. Start the fire, make sure the fire is not to high and not to low, keep feeding wood to the fire, make sure it won’t ... read more
il Panettone

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Reggio Emilia May 18th 2007

I can't leave Emilia Romagna without talking about edible life. Nevermind the sights, what you eat is the most important thing, and of course, those who share in your meal or had a hand in its creation are revered. People aren't joking when they say they left Italy ten pounds heavier; they are dead serious, but I'll bet they leave satisfied and content. Once at home, they must have visions of dream banquets that just don't manifest quite like they did in Italy. According to my father, his sister - my zia pia is simply the best cook, like his mother, and it's true! Breakfast was a light affair, little cakes with tea, perhaps an espresso. Lunch was delicious, sometimes pasta con ragu (which is a buttery, creamy, tomato and meat sauce) with salad and ... read more
about to eat
prosciutto con melone
the house

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