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September 30th 2017
Published: September 30th 2017
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We woke fairly late. I guess we still feel this holiday is the oddest we have been on so far. An unorganised one at best and one that seems to cobbled together as we have gone along and things have gone very wrong. It just does not seem to be coming together at all.

We showered, we emptied the toilet and just about got ready to set off for another day. We hoped that today we would have no mishaps and then what goes and happens – we have one. I dropped a Corelle dish and smashed it to smithereens. Underneath this American product it says it is chip proof and that it is unbreakable . Well I can tell you that those words are not true as I am now minus a dish which ended up in pieces in the dustbin.

Before we left we got talking to a guy from Pembrokeshire. He used to work for an American oil company and spent his lump sum retirement payment on a Chauson motorhome which he kept for a number of years. He traded it in last year for a Globecar panel conversion . Now was our chance . We

From the other side
said we had fallen out of love with Suzy due to her size and the inconvenience of getting her on and off the drive. You are welcome to look at ours he said. We needed no further invitation and were there like rats up a drainpipe. He opened the back which exposed fixed ready made up beds . We sighed – no more making beds up every night . This had over the years become irksome. The space underneath was amazing. There was more space under that bed than we had in the entire inside of Suzy. He kept his bikes there. We couldn’t even get one bike in Suzy . He showed us the shower area – much better than ours, The kitchen, the captains seats. Envy is a terrible thing and we were feeling it as they showed us the table and the extra bed , the working fridge and the small cooker and sink. We want one. As we left them for our next stop of Commechio we could not stop talking about that Globecar.

So where in the world did Suzy end up? On a car park /sosta in the tiny Italian town of Commachio. We had intended to go to Imola first to have a look at the museum and the racetrack but …………there was fair on and the car park we were to park on was filled with stalls and entertainment. Lets just say we were not very pleased but decided that there was nowhere to park so it was Imolas loss and not ours.

So Commachio it ended up as. Commachio is on an inland lake with a very small spit of land between it and the sea. Age old fishing nets line the shore. Commechio is famous for eels. It is a lovely place that offered a sosta for the use of folks like us. We enjoyed the small village alongside a whole shedload of Italians out on a Sunday afternoon. The sosta was within walking distance and had a Co-op next door. Perfect.

The village is small and not commercialised at all. Its claim to fame are its canals. Not canals on the scale of Venice but small and perfectly formed. Over the main canal is what brings the visitors to the place. The Five Bridges. We could see them in the distance and they were covered as if by ants. There were so many people it was hard to believe that they would not sink under their weight. The canal at the main point divides into three parts. Each goes to a specific area of the village. Alongside each of the arms of the canal are shops and restuarants. The bridge itself is rather hard to describe. In lay mans terms it is built of a red brick. The largest arch of the bridge goes over the largest of the waterways. To each side are two other bridges and they all interconnect. It is a gem of architecture and brilliant in its design. The pictures will have to tell its story as best they can but it is a beautiful bridge. Built in 1634 by Luca Danesi the architect who used incredible skill to link four waterways in a construction that is both harmonious and practical. The three arches meet from opposite directions and in some ways it looks an impossible task to make the thing work. But work it does. We walked along the canal side and bought a gelato. Nut and a cream one. I just love Italy for ice cream.

There are a number of churches dotted around the town all of which are Baroque in design and heavily wooded inside. A large monument to the caduti stands in the main square. We pondered on the word caduti and know that all the memorials to soldiers lost in the first and second world wars are known as monuments to the caduti, The graveyards of the caduti are dotted all over Italy. The word caduti also means a gift in Italian and perhaps that sums up giving ones life up for your country. It is the greatest gift any man or woman could give.


30th September 2017

Must make a note to have a look at a Globecar!! We have a Citroen Romahome and yes you have to make up beds BUT for a small wheelbase vehicle , for us, its perfect!! Even has its own shower and toilet room, 6' beds, kitchen with full size oven and four rings, fridge, pull out wardrobe and loads of storage! Small is easy!!!
4th October 2017

You probably will never believe it - we came home early and went to get a part ex price on Suzy . We have bought one !!!!!! We must be mad. Your trip through france sounded interesting and nice to see we are all Welsh too :) Are you staying in Spain for the winter . If so i am jealous .
4th October 2017

wow! You have bought a Globecar?!!! What are you going to call it?!! It was a quick trip through France as we have done it quite a few times already! We are flying back to UK from 12th-28th October then staying in Spain until mid Nov ish and then will drive back via the French/German christmas markets and then back in the UK for xmas! Whereabouts in Wales are you. We have recently moved over from Bristol and absolutely love it!!!
5th October 2017

At the moment we are toying with names - Gabby the Globecar . Its a German Posstl I have probably spelt that wrong - we keep comign up with all sorts of strange ideas. We have emptied Suzy and we are taking her in tomorrow so we are saying bye to her earlier. Have not done any of the markets yet apart from one in this country . We did Oxford one year. We used to live in Rhuthun in North Wales, I come from Wrexham originally. Sadly we had to move back to Chesterfield four years ago and really want to return home . Hate it here. You sound as if you have a busy time ahead over the next few months. We think we might hit Blackpool when we get the van . Havent been since 1983 - doubt its changed much though. Jennifer
5th October 2017

The Globecars look amazing! Very well made - german of course! Which model did you get? I'm sure that you wont regret it! We always try to stay busy! We are actually quite quiet though at the moment! Still trying to find out whether we need snow tyres for the French Markets!?? Blackpool - last time I was there they were completely re-vamping the sea-front - Im sure it looks better now - and the fish and chips on the Pier are just as wonderful!!! Beautiful piece of fish!! Just off to read your next blog!!
6th October 2017

It's the Globestar 600L . Went this morning to take Suzy in . They wanted her in to sort out our fridge under guarentee before it runs out on the last day of this month. The drive seems sadly empty now and it was awful saying goodbye to a friend who took us to some exciting places. Have not been abroad in the winter although woudl love to. I just need to finish work and perhaps we might get off for longer. Think we might do Sicily in the spring now . I do have to say the German quality is clearly seen. I cannot believe the build quality and so much space for storage . Far better than we had before. We pick her up on the 24th after they fit an alarm and tracker on her. The blooming NEC show has got in the way as they are not sending any vehicles out that week. Ah well we shall just have to wait. The house looks a mess with all the stuff out of her - I cannot believe we have so much of it. A cull is needed . And just as a last thought my wonderful husband jokingly said we could call her /him Paul the A(possl) . My God he gets worse . He did make me laugh.

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