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April 20th 2010
Published: April 20th 2010
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Okay, i know...i know, i've been slacking. And this should really be a blog about ferrara or roma, but is going to instead be a small little rant (not even really a rant but an observation)...and the apparent internal temperature of americans versus italians. it is currently 70 degrees. which, in the US, means tank tops, shorts, skirts, sundresses and italians that still means long sleeves, boots, and jackets. i wore a tank top under my lightest coat (a trench) with jeans and flats...and was sweating by the time i got back from the grocery store carrying everything (its a 10 minute walk, but still) while watching italians, some of whom were in what looked like WINTER coats. i dont understand. well, i guess i sort of do. given the lack of air conditioning in most places in the country, this is probably not warm at all, given the summer and their lack of ability to escape from the heat, whereas americans live and breathe in a constant temperature of about 65 degrees.

Well, in other news, the weather in bologna is clearly getting mroe and more beautiful, yayyyy summer. the volcano in iceland with the unprounceable name sort of seems to be slowing down....hopoefully it just stops and no other volcanoes go off.

promise i'll update soon <33


20th April 2010

nice photo
Lauren, for a slight rant, this was rather tame for you. I think it was definitely more of an observation -- an a true one at that. I am so happy spring is there! it is actually getting nicer here but it seem to be high one minute and low the next. Love you - Mom
22nd April 2010

It's so true!!!
Yes, my Laurie, people used to warm weather are wimps when it is cool - even if "cool" means 70+ degrees. We used to see that in Florida when we went to Disney World. You guys would be swimming because it was 75, and the floridians would be dressed in sweaters and windbreakers - go figure???? Lovees, Lovees, LOVEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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