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Europe » Italy » Campania » Torre Annunziata October 11th 2018

Donc Naples. Mais pas vraiment. C’est parfois ce qui arrive avec Airbnb. C’est vraiment génial, mais pas parfait. On a l’adresse exacte seulement une fois qu’on a réservé. Et on réalise pas toujours les distances. Pour Rome, on était un peu excentré, mais 15 minutes de métro et on était au centre de Rome. Pour Naples, pas tout à fait. C’était plus 20 minutes... de train. Bref, on n’a vu de Naples que sa gare. Tant pis pour l’antica Pizzeria da Michèle. Ce sera pour une autre fois. Notre nouvel appart était donc à Torre Annunziata. Notre guide touristique en parle ainsi: « enfouies sous les rues disgracieuses de Torre Annunziata, les ruines d’Oplonte bla bla bla. » C’est la seule place où ils parlent de la ville et c’est ce qu’ils ont à en dire. ... read more
La vue
Romy et Geneviève à la chasse aux geants
Cette fois ci, Romy s’enfuit des monstres

Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento September 17th 2018

My only aim today was to find a beachside place where I could hire a chair and have a swim. After my breakfast at the hotel I decided to walk to the Marina Grande - this is a smaller, more historic marina which Chiara from the hotel had told me about. It was only a fifteen minute walk but I stopped for some photos along the way. It really was a beautiful area and not as hectic as the main marina and beach area. I choose a place that had a long jetty and hired a sun lounge for €10 - much cheaper than anywhere else I have been. It was a really nice place too with good stairs down to the water which made it easy for getting in and out of the sea. Not ... read more
Its a tough life 🌴
My delicious lunch!
View of the marina

Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento September 16th 2018

No need to rush to get up this morning - yay! I love this little boutique hotel - my room is super cute and the bathroom is lovely. My breakfast was ready for me at 9:30 and I was the only person in the breakfast room. Going by the number of tables, I think there are only 5, maybe 6, rooms. I would certainly recommend anyone stay at the Twice-Naples Hotel. After breakfast I checked out. The girl in reception was so lovely, she even wanted a photo with me before I left. I decided to walk to the Central Train station as i knew I just needed to stay on the main road my hotel was on. It was a lot easier doing the walk back to the station than it was on my arrival. ... read more
Check out the mosaic floor!
Its a long way down!
The main marina a beach area - looking from the top

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples September 15th 2018

Sadly today we had to bid farewell to the Amalfi Coast! We had to check out and leave by 8:30 this morning (that was rude!) and drive along the Amalfi Coast for the last time. Just to add to the thrill, there were cyclists on the road. We drove in the direction of Salerno then started to head toward Napoli. Once again we got to see Mt Vesuvius- there is no avoiding this monster! Our first destination today was to visit the Royal Palace of Caserta. This palace was built in the 18th century and was the last of the great creations of the Italian Baroque. It was constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples and in 1997 it was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the largest Royal Palace in the world ... read more
Royal Palace of Caserta
Entrance to the Royal Palace
The gardens of the palace

Europe » Italy » Campania » Minori September 14th 2018

Today we explored more Amalfi Coast towns - this time we headed in the opposite direction and first stopped at our sister town, Maiori. Clare and I decided to walk along the coast to Maiori and met the group there. Maiori has a lot of little beachside bars and is a cute town. There was a local market on today so we wandered up through that - but it was all pretty tacky stuff and I don't think anyone bought anything. I walked up to see the local church - nothing fancy but nice little local church. I then sat in a cafe for a while, having a macchiato and watching the locals going about their business. We met back at the bus at 11:15 and then drove to Vietri sul Mare - this town is ... read more
The town of Maiori
Some of the ceramic artwork in Vietri
Beautiful cermanics

Europe » Italy » Campania » Minori September 13th 2018

We have an exciting day planned for today, as we are heading to the Isle of Capri by ferry! We all met down at the Minori jetty at 8:45, even though our ferry wasn't due to depart until 9:10. Of course it wasn't on time but was only a few minutes late and we boarded and were on our way. We settled in upstairs for our two hour trip, positioning ourselves in the best spot for photos along the way. We actually got to see the whole coastline that we had driven along the previous day, and the ferry made stops at Amalfi amd Positano, so it was nice to see these places from another perspective. Once we arrived on Capri, Michele explained to us some of the things we could do today. The ferry stops ... read more
Coming into Positano
Those stairs to Ana Capri
So much further to go!

Europe » Italy » Campania » Minori September 12th 2018

Today was all about the thrill of the ride! We left Minori for our drive along the Amalfi Coast with Positano as our destination. Spectacular scenery everywhere you look - that's if you can keep your eyes off the road and the crazy drivers we have to contend with. The worse are those people on scooters! We might be trying to navigate ourselves to pass a bus or truck coming the opposite way and all the while, these little annoying scooters (that I said remind me of mosquitoes) are zipping in and around us. There was more than one time we nearly squished a scooter (and its rider haha). Finally we were in Positano! André dropped us off up the top and we then walked with Michele down to the seaside, as he pointed out points ... read more
Beach umbrella and sunbeds, Positano
Nice place to relax - if you have the time!
Amalfi, beachside

Europe » Italy » Campania » Minori September 11th 2018

Hapoy birthday Lachlan Craig! A few of us joined Michele this morning at 9:30 to go for a short walk to a Roman Villa in our town of Minori. This Roman Villa is almost 2,000 years old and it dates back to the 1st century AD probably in the times of Emporer Tiberius when it was fashionable to leisurely pass time in quiet and peaceful places. Tiberius himself spent the last few years of his life (14 - 17 AD) on the Isle of Capri. The ground floor of this villa was well preserved because it had been buried by various floods and by the debris of the above houses and was therefore protected from further damage. It was discovered by chance in 1932 and excavations began in 1934. It was buried again by a disastrous ... read more
Remnants of a time past
Ravello - entering the villa
The view from inside Villa Romano

Europe » Italy » Campania » Minori September 10th 2018

Our day started this morning with a visit to a local Buffalo Mozzarella factory. This place has about 25 people working on the production of this delicious cheese. All the buffalo were out the back, eating their morning meal after being milked for the day. The milk from that morning was already being processed into curd, then into the gooey stuff that forms the balls of Mozzarella. These balls are then dropped into a salt solution - when they are fresh they float but once they absorb the solution they sink, which means they are ready for packaging. The owner said that this cheese is best eaten within the first four days after production - last night we had some of this for our entree and I can honestly say I have never had such fresh, ... read more
Temple of Athena
Temple of Athena
The ruins that show how the town was laid out

Europe » Italy » Campania » Paestum September 9th 2018

This morning we met our new tour group and once again it's a full load. The maximum number for a Back Roads tour is 18. Everyone seems lovely plus there are 6 of us from the previous tour. This time we have a couple of New Zealanders as well as two ladies from Canada. Otherwise, the rest of us are Aussies. We left our beautiful hotel at 8:30am and met our new bus driver, Andre. We only needed to drive a short distance for the first part of our tour, as were about to explore the historic centre of Naples. We met our local guide Marco and were kitted up with Whisperers (allowing us to listen to Marco without having to crowd around him). We commenced our walk through the old town as Marco informed us ... read more
One of the streets we wandered down in the historic centre
Light and shade - an alley in the historic centre
This street is famous for all the Nativity ornaments they produce and sell

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