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August 14th 2017
Published: August 15th 2017
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I had a big day yesterday climbing volcanoes, so we sleep in and decide that we will have a relaxing day today.

We go for another wander through a park near the hotel and this leads us into a shopping area that we haven't been to before. Issy sees a Japanese restaurant. I think this is the first one that she's seen since we left home. The drool starts to appear at the corners of her mouth. It seems that the restaurant is closed, at least at lunchtime. I manage to stop Issy from breaking down the door, but I'm fairly sure we'll be back here later, and there might be violence if we find that it's not open for dinner.

A large area outside the Japanese restaurant is wrapped in police tape so that no one can get in, and there are a lot of policemen standing around it. It looks like this is probably a crime scene. We wonder what sort of crime scene. We think about asking one of the policemen, but decide that this would probably be a bit inappropriate. If we do ask them they might think that we did it, whatever "it" might be.

We walk on through Piazza Tasso and come to the viewing point for a disused sawmill at the bottom of the gorge. The gorge is very deep with vertical cliffs on both sides, and it seems that you can't walk down into it. The mill is surrounded by lush ferns and other greenery, which is in stark contrast to the chaos of Piazza Tasso which is only about fifty metres away. Google says that the mill hasn't been used for more than a thousand years. It looks old, but I'm not sure it looks quite that old. I worry about Google sometimes. I think I worry about a lot of things.

We walk on and stop at Parco di Villa Fiorentino which is a very picturesque and peaceful park surrounding a large villa. There is an impressive photography exhibition in some of the villa's old outbuildings which were apparently once part of a farm on the site.

We walk down towards the waterfront. It seems that Sorrento is the sort of place where all the locals know each other. A man walking along the footpath sees someone that he knows in a car driving along the main street in heavy traffic, and he yells out to him. The car then stops in the middle of the one lane one way street and they have a conversation. Traffic banks up behind the car, and the drivers all blow their horns and wave their arms. The conversation goes on for a few minutes and the car finally moves on. This all seems very natural. Even the horn blowing and arm waving seem very natural. I try to imagine what would happen if someone tried to do this in a main street in Melbourne. I think that there would definitely be violence.

We decide that we will have lunch down on the beachfront at Marina Grande. We notice again how jam packed the small beach is with sun lounges and umbrellas. There is no room at all to walk between them, and I suspect that it would be very difficult to get out in a hurry if you were in one of the front rows. At least if there was a fire I suppose could you could just run into the water.

We walk back up the hill past the Convento di San Francesco. There is another wedding in progress, and again the couple is English. We wonder if any Italian couples get married here. We watch the happy couple get into a horse drawn carriage, and it takes them away to a life of wedded bliss. We walk back to the hotel which is about a kilometre away. As we are about to go in we see the same horse drawn carriage with the bride and groom in it coming towards us down the street outside the hotel. There is no one else around. Issy says "congratulations" and the bride says "thanks". The groom doesn't say anything. We wonder where the carriage is going. We assume that it should be going to the reception, but it's heading back in the direction of the convent. We wonder if maybe the driver is lost, or perhaps he's having trouble steering the horse. The groom doesn't look very happy, and he didn't look too happy coming out of the convent. Maybe they're having second thoughts. I hope they're not heading back to the convent to tell their guests that they can have their presents back.

This is our last day in Sorrento, so we decide that we will spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool. I fall asleep on a sun lounge. I snore and wake myself up. Issy tells me that I also woke everyone else around the pool up. She is a bit prone to exaggeration sometimes.

Issy asks if we can go to the Japanese restaurant tonight, but this is more of a statement than a question. If I want to stay married I think that there is only one possible response. I approach the restaurant with trepidation. If it closed I think that there will certainly be violence. I see lights in the restaurant as we approach it, so it seems that all will be well with the world. The beer comes in hour glass shaped glasses. This means that when you have drunk half of it the rest gets stuck in the bottom half of the glass, and it then comes out in a surge. I now have beer all over my shirt. The waiters are all very quiet and serious, and Issy says that she doesn't think that she will be able to ask to get her picture taken with a waiter tonight.

The police tape around the crime scene outside the restaurant has been removed. We look for signs of blood but we can't see any.

We decide to go into town and get some limoncello from a bar. The limoncello comes in slightly larger glasses than usual, and they have small handles. It is our last night in Sorrento so we decide to order another round before staggering back to the hotel.

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