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May 28th 2012
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Clipper ShipClipper ShipClipper Ship

Anchored in the harbour at Sorrento
Monday 28th May, 2012 – Sorrento, Italy

Weather this morning was grey and overcast – not cold though.

When we woke, there was a huge cruise liner anchored in the harbour. There was also a large 5-masted clipper sailing ship at anchor.

We decided to do a “hop-on, hop-off” bus tour of the town and nearby surrounding areas. So we caught the open-top double-decker bus. About 10 mins into the journey, we felt a few spots of rain so quickly moved downstairs under cover – good thing too – it got very wet! A lot of people were left upstairs as downstairs was full – they were sodden by the end of the round trip. We didn’t “hop-off” at all – was too wet to go walking.

The country side was amazing – even though there was mist everywhere. Steep mountainous terrain, narrow roads hugging the cliff faces over the sea; quaint little towns; beautiful orchards. In places, the road was only just wide enough for the parked cars, the bus and any oncoming traffic – we had to stop many times to let large vehicles coming in the opposite direction pass us.

Through the rain mist from the mountains

The drivers here are as mad as those in Rome J Road rules only seem like suggestions that one may choose to obey if they feel like it or it can advantage them in some way.

The cars are all small ones – like the Nissan Micra size. The motor cycles are all scooters of various sizes – I don’t think I’ve seen a serious motor cycle yet.

Last night, there were a lot of young people in the square below our hotel balcony, doing what all young ones do when they are trying to impress friends by revving the engines on their transport – sounded weird not hearing V8s - just the tinny sounds of scooters being revved up.

This afternoon, Gail went and did a bit of “window” shopping for a hour or so in the rain – most of the shops were closed until 4:00pm – but she still managed to spend some money.

We have been down to the beach below the hotel – caught the lift down to floor “minus 3”, then along a hand-dug tunnel about 3 metres high, and 2 metres wide. At the end of the tunnel, was a locked gate. Out through that gate to a board-walk with little change sheds, and stairs down to the black sand. The Mediterranean was freezing, the rain was still falling, and it was quite cool – about 15C – so it was quickly back inside.

Tomorrow, we’re heading back to Rome by train for one night before going on to our next stop for a few nights – Arezzo.


29th May 2012

La bella vita!
Hello, so glad you are enjoying Italy. Always something going on in Rome- VATILEAKS last week. I liked Sorrento & the gelati and Limoncello there - Amalfi..sigh...great. Never got to Arezzo but my friend's dad has lived there since 1987 and looking forward to your take on it. Glad you are avoiding the dodgy people and hope you meet the good people too.

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