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Europe » Italy » Campania » Salerno October 20th 2018

Première chose que Genevieve me dit en arrivant à l’arrêt de bus pour aller à Amalfi (ensuite transfert de bus vers Salerno) et je cite, mot pour mot: « Là, *beeep*, t’es-tu sur de ton coup avec le bus? On s’est *beeep* fait *beeep* hier, j’ai *beeep* pas le goût de recommencer ». J’ai été obligé de lui dire de surveiller son langage. Le blog est classé PG-13. Et bien évidemment, je ne me suis pas trompé de bus. Par contre, on avait 15 minutes pour le transfert de bus à Amalfi. Ce qui me semblait initialement amplement suffisant commençait à paraître bien peu avec le traffic. On commence à regarder nerveusement notre montre et la distance restante. Il reste 3 minutes et on est pris dans le trafic, à 200 mètres du terminus. Heureusement, un ... read more
Romy qui a pris goût aux fontaines italiennes.
encore une fontaine
La vue du jardin botaniqueq

Europe » Italy » Campania » Salerno August 2nd 2018

30th July Salerno Located on the south western Italian coast and known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean it is the most important city next to the Amalfi coast, with the famous towns like Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and Sorrento. It’s history is recognised by her old University of Medicine which was first in the world. Recent history, Salerno was the capital of Italy which was moved from Rome in 1943 during WWII, called the “Government of the South” for a few short months. The Old Town is full of art and culture, it was exploration on foot trying to avoid being run over by scooters and small cars in the VERY narrow streets. Some tours headed off to nearby Pompeii and along the Amalfi coast road. So a bit of culture finding ABC (Another B*****y Cathedral) ... read more
Salerno 2
Salerno 3
Salerno 4

Europe » Italy » Campania » Salerno June 17th 2016

What a lovely site, the southern most tip of Italy as we sailed in, Calabria! Then we had to board a pilot to go through the Messina Straight between Italy and Sicily, it is very narrow and you could clearly see all the beaches, homes and sites on either side, about 4.00p.m. in the afternoon then around 9.30p.m. we sailed passed Stromboli and no sight of the active volcano. Friday morning docked in Salerno, what a beautiful town this is, in fact all these towns are gorgeous burrowed into the edge of the mountains that surround the coast of Italy. Had a few jobs to do here, get sim cards, stock up in the supermarket, wine, beers etc. Chilled out with a fantastic coffee watching the world go by. Every corner you walk around are some ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Salerno March 16th 2016

Off to Pompeii today :) Took the train from Rome to Salerno - their trains are nice, comfy and at least this route at this time isn't crowded at all. I had four seats to myself :) I loved watching the scenery. My camera was at the bottom of my overstuffed purse so I didn't really take photos, but I enjoyed watching the hills roll by, seeing the vineyards and mountains. Going along the coast was stunning as well - all the colourful buildings perched on the mountainside... that's the only thing I contemplated getting my camera out for. I appreciate their curtness in their English messages haha. In Naples there was a long announcement in Italian followed by "We are leaving shortly. If you want to get off the train, get off now." Speaking of ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Salerno October 27th 2015

Geo: 40.678, 14.7659Hello all,Will keep this very brief as I am REALLY going to go to bed, it's 10:40 and am exhausted. Will fill you in on the details later, but we visited Paestum, a water buffalo farm that makes buffalo mozzarella, had lunch overlooking the ruins while eating the buffalo mozzarella in a Caprese salad!! Met a fellow traveler from Scotland on a leave of absence and had an interesting discussion over dinner at our favorite restaurant.....So nothing wrong on this end, just have to get some sleep before heading up to Pompei tomorrow morning for a couple of nights, then on to Roma, then HOME! Looking forward to seeing my husband and family in just a few more days.Fit bit: 20,976 steps which are 9.03 miles!A domani,Wendy... read more
another view
Nutella in the middle

Europe » Italy » Campania » Salerno October 26th 2015

Geo: 40.678, 14.7659Well as the title says it's been a very varied day. We started out thinking we would be going to Sorrento, decided last night to sleep in to get some much-needed rest. By the time we got to the train station and heard that the trip to Sorrento would take an 1-1.5 hours with a change of stations in Pompei by bus or walking a couple of kilometers or taking the bus for 2 hours each way we decided to skip it... we didn't feel like doing either of those things. So plan B, take the ferry to Positano, well that would take about 2 hours each way and by the time we got there, we'd have 1.5 hours to look around, that with 4 hours on a ferry plus paying 30 euros for ... read more
Karen and our nice table with fresh flowers
Fresh bread with olive oil, salt, and herbs!
Tagliatelli with Porcini Mushrooms, so good!

Europe » Italy » Campania » Salerno October 25th 2015

Geo: 40.678, 14.7659Forgot about the time change, so got up an hour earlier, didn't really matter as I woke up naturally at the earlier hour... had the chance to lay in bed and upload photos from my phone to yesterday's post, the internet was faster and allowed me to do so at the earlier hour maybe too many users of the wifi at night?The hostel had a great breakfast, was expecting only a croissant and tea or coffee. They had scrambled eggs, salame, cheese, yogurt, cereal, nutella, toast, juice, milk, fresh fruit, etc... very nice. We then found our way to the ferry station and paid 8 euros to take the ferry from Salerno to Amalfi, beautiful ride, water very calm. Got to practice my Italian skills with a person on the ferry, nice to be ... read more
One of many great views as we ferried to Amalfi
I'm not posting all of them....

Europe » Italy » Campania » Salerno October 24th 2015

Geo: 40.678, 14.7659After packing last night and getting up at midnight and then 5 am, I couldn't go back to sleep but stayed in bed until the alarm went off at 7. Surprisingly it's now 8:30 and I'm not exhausted but am ready bed fairly soon, we'll see how that goes! Our landlady was kind enough to call the taxi for us yesterday and arranged for it to pick us up close to the apt. the service there calls you up a few minutes before the pickup time to confirm and gives you a code of sorts, ours was brescia24, I guess so they don't pick up the wrong person, then you are supposed to press 1 to confirm. Well we hadn't had the call and it was 9:05 or so, so I called our landlady ... read more
Another view
View into the courtyard of the Duomo
This is a street!

Europe » Italy » Campania » Salerno October 13th 2015

We went to the Lido this morning for breakfast. We’d arranged to go on a private tour with Ruth and her travelling companions. They chose to disembark a bit after the early rush for those leaving on tour, and scheduled our driver/guide to meet us around 9AM. I had only a couple of fresh rolls, a couple of those demitasse cups of Swiss muesli and some potatoes and two sausage patties. Sharon had only white toast and some potatoes with apple juice. I opted for an individual carton of chocolate milk, with writing in German and seemed to be claiming 3.5% milk fat. We had a bit of time to kill, and with our hectic schedule today, we had almost an hour to kill before we had to meet in the Main Deck atrium to disembark ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Salerno July 14th 2013

Salerno We got into the train alright but the usual baggage compartments zero...i went to the other side of the carriage to put my baggage compartment but i did find the train engine...since it was only two stops...we decided one bag would take my seat the other we would put it near the single seat again...and I would go and find an empty seat....Then...this huge fight erupted...due to a dog...yes dogs are allowed in the trains...don't know what the rules are but they can take their dogs....they were all screaming and carrying on...someone had to call the train master.....after more screaming they all got told to sit down .....Lol so funny hearing Italians argue....their hands are going everywhere...after that it was a pretty quite trip ...When we arrived at Salerno ...we had to wait for ... read more

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