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Europe » Italy » Campania » Praiano October 13th 2017

Just a few days after returning from Travemünde I had planned to go on a five days trip to Naples, Pompei, and Amalfi Coast in Italy. Again, some unforeseen events challenged my plans: I had to undergo some minor surgery and discussed with the doctor whether it would be possible to postpone it to after my trip. But he said: “Look, now it’s Wednesday. We can conduct the surgery on Thursday morning, you can go home on Friday, come back for a quick checkup on Saturday and then fly on Sunday.” That’s what we did, so I left for Italy on a Sunday afternoon, still on painkillers, but feeling quite okay. Upon arrival in Naples I picked up a rental car and drove into the city to meet Nils. He had been in the city for ... read more
Naples II
Naples III
Naples IV

Europe » Italy » Campania » Praiano May 9th 2017

Geo: 40.6118, 14.524A superb walking day - The predicted thunderstorms held off and we were treated to sunny and pleasant weather. As usual the day started off with steps up - there really is no other way out of Amalfi if you are walking. Then we had a really scenic gradual ascent up to Lone and Vettica Minore. After this the landscape was even more impressive as the cliffs made a sheer drop into a very narrow fjord-like valley. The track had to take us right up to the head of the valley to get around the chasm and to Fiodo, the town which seemed to defy gravity by clinging to the rocks.At Sant' Elia we had an important decision. Should we take the track with steep drop offs, or choose the vertigo avoidance route? Well ... read more
Sentiero dell'Agave in fiore
High track

Europe » Italy » Campania » Praiano January 15th 2016

Wow! We spent today walking up and down stairs to discover multi terraced houses with magnificent views and amazing engineering. How do people build places in such steep locations- imagine bringing in the building materials! Our host is wonderfully welcoming and we have a delightful little apartment overlooking the Salerno Gulf. There are little stores selling groceries and wine. This is the quiet time here in an area which thrives on tourism. The locals find this time of year a peaceful paradise where they can enjoy their beautiful district in the peace and quiet of the winter months. If you are going to visit Amalfi this is the time of year to do so.... read more
Embedded in the hillside
Art3 The staircases to walk between levels
Garden Terracing

Europe » Italy » Campania » Praiano August 29th 2015

Saturday, 29 August is the day we walked to Praiano from San Lazzarò. We decided, as suggested by our detailed notes, to take the bus to the highest part of the walk so as to avoid dying on the way! From San Lazzarò it is possible to walk the so called Path of the Gods (Il Sentiero degli Dei). We were probably at an altitude of about 600 metres but because the gradients are so sheer, it felt dizzyingly high. I felt we could have almost reached out to touch God's finger as Adam does in the Sistine Chapel fresco. As we began our descent, the smell of wild fennel was strong. Although it was only about 9am, the sun was already blisteringly hot. We very soon left civilisation behind and were surrounded by thick vegetation ... read more
Very cool spot

Europe » Italy » Campania » Praiano June 17th 2015

Geo: 40.6118, 14.524Fast Train from ROME to NAPLES, then change to a slow local train to SORRENTO.Then a big coach along the steep winding roads to PRAIANO.With help we found the sign for our hotel, across the road from the bus stop!50 steps down, along the path to check into our hotel.What an amazing view!Dinner at the hotel was yummy, and an early night for two tired travellers.Off to AMALFI in the morning, exploring and shopping, then lunch at a cool pizzeria. Back on the bus, a walk to the dock, and dinner out at another pizzeria!Day trip to CAPRI on the hotel's boat, to see some amazing boats, and expensive shops.Taxi around the island and another boat ride home.Kate made it up the 320 steps from the dock to the hotel, well done indeed!Dinner at ... read more
View from the balcony
On the boardwalk at Amalfi
From the top of Capri

Europe » Italy » Campania » Praiano October 6th 2013

Happy Birthday, Dave! The day dawned wet and gray again, so we let the birthday boy sleep in--plus he's fighting a cold :-( Everyone at the pensione seemed to think it was bound to clear up today, so after another huge breakfast from Luigi (we actually had to ask for less food), we formulated a plan to visit one of the medieval watchtowers down the coast and stop in at one of the tiny beach towns, Conca di Marini, nearby. We were aided in our adventures by Angela, who once again helped us when we failed to catch the inconsistent and overfull buses in the rain, by driving us out of town far enough that we could walk the rest of the way. Fortunately, the rain dissipated just about the time we got going, but our ... read more
Looking Back to Where We Started
...And Ahead to Where We're Going
Just Around the Next Bend...

Europe » Italy » Campania » Praiano October 4th 2013

We bid Sorrento a fond farewell, and vowed to return someday, as the song says... We realized a few days ago that there was no way we were going to be able to make the transfer between Sorrento and our next destination, Praiano, on the other side of the peninsula on public transportation, not with all our luggage and accumulated odds and ends. So we hired a pricey driver for the 45 minute drive, but in the end he was worth every Euro. From the minute Maurizio loaded our numerous bags into his van, he was friendly and knowledgeable, pointing out sights, imparting historical, cultural, architectural, geological tidbits, to improve our understanding of this area, all while negotiating the road with amazing grace! Once on the Amalfi Coast Drive, he stopped at an overlook, so we ... read more
Breakfast with a View!
Rooftop Pool Area, Hotel Minerva
The Goddess, Herself

Europe » Italy » Campania » Praiano May 19th 2012

Geo: 40.6118, 14.524It's a sad day. We packed and left Lugascello to drive Deb to the Orvieto train station. After a few tears we waved her off on her train ride to Rome and then flight to Heathrow. We've had a fun week together and we're not sure when we will all see each other again. Now Sue, G and I are off to the Amalfi coast for the week. Every time we mention to someone we are driving to Amalfi (well G is) they raise their eyebrows and grin. G has done the drive before so knows what to expect, but I'm not sure. I'm imaging sheer drops to the ocean and near misses with the crazy Italian drivers we have been experiencing the last week. Perhaps crazy Italian drivers with gold medallions and hairy ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Praiano May 5th 2011

Last days in Praiano, Amalfi Coast – GORGEOUS! We left the Costa d’Amalfi bathed in glorious sunshine for our last two days. We had the most amazing meal in this tiny hole in the wall restaurant in Praiano - not even sure of the name of it but the chef come waiter cooked us the most amazing chicken dish along with roasted artichoke leaves. His hospitality and low key nature was fantastic. It was like we were in his kitchen. We however struggled the next day on our 4.5 hour trek after the two bottles of red and beers but we survived. Our walking & our drinking fitness are both improving significantly. On our last day we popped into Amalfi town for quick look around but the shops / tourist haunts are not really us ... read more
Yoga Amalfi view
Sunset Praiano
Praiano beach

Europe » Italy » Campania » Praiano May 5th 2011

Costa d’Amalfi – Praiano: Sat 30 April to Thurs 5 May Well have to say the Amalfi coast with its towns of Amalfi, Positano and Praiano where we are staying is gorgeous. We not been blessed with mountains of sun but it has been still beautiful. We arrived in pouring rain at the town of Salerno and mucked about trying to work which bus to catch to Amalfi with other lost visitors from UK and Sydney. Part of the adventure really. The locals do not necessarily speak much or any English so you have to be lucky also on the Saturday late afternoon, nothing was open. We caught local bus to town of Amalfi with views from one of the most spectacular winding roads i have ever seen. Apparently the SITA bus drivers are world famous ... read more
Man & his goats
Hills of Gods walk
Hills of Gods walk

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