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June 4th 2008
Published: June 8th 2008
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The beach
Had to post a bunch of stuff in one hit, as we haven’t had wireless for ages. Did it in chronological order though!

Yesterday we went to Positano for the day - well, half day in the end.

The Italians seem to have a phobia towards signs. There just aren’t many, and the ones there are are tiny or graffiti’d or wrong or all three! It ends up causing a lot of wasted time. We got to the (un signposted) train station in Sorrento this morning at 10:15, and ended up in a queue, eventually getting onto the third bus that came along at about midday.

Had a pretty good ride over to Positano, where we pretty much grabbed a salad roll and hit the beach for the rest of the afternoon. Later on we went to Le Sirenuse, a swanky hotel Rochelle recommended for a drink on the terrace. It didn’t disappoint, and made us realize that the more you pay, the nicer the service is, and the better the English!

After a nice Pina Colada we got back on the bus and returned to Sorrento. Arriving in town, we decided we’d had a bit too

Part of the town
much pasta and pizza lately, and headed to an ‘English’ pub in town.

We both ordered Roast Chicken and Fries, which turned out to be a whole chicken each! (Small, but nevertheless!) A quick word with the waitress then sent us on a wild goose chase.

We were about a 15 min. walk from the Camping ground, but had bus tickets, so thought - bugger it, we’ll get the bus this time. The waitress reckoned it best to catch a bus from the train station, as they filled up further along the route pretty quick. It was 8:10.

We walk 5 minutes (away from the camping ground) to the train station. Atfer waiting for 10 minutes, and not seeing the bus we were after, I noticed a pin-board over in a dark corner, so I went and had a look. On a small piece of paper I figured out we’d been waiting for the wrong bus, then looking at the schedule, realized the one we did want didn’t come to the station.

To cut a long story short, we went to the main Piazza where we waited an hour for the bus, to later discover from
Le SyrenuseLe SyrenuseLe Syrenuse

On the Terrace
a bus driver from a different route that even the the schedule at the bus stop showed we should be seeing one of ours very 20 mins., they stooped coming to the Piazza at 8pm when a nearby street turned ‘Pedestrian only’.

We got directions which took us back past the English Pub to a different bus stop part way to the Camping grounds. It was now 9:50. We waited there for 15 minutes - no bus, then got shown a schedule that revealed the last bus for the night was due in a further 35 minutes. We gave up, walked the 20 minutes to the Camping Ground (Up a bloody long, steep hill!!) and got to our cabin at about half past 10.

Weren’t too fussed that we had to leave Sorrento this morning as you can imagine!

Until next time………


4th February 2009

All the way to the Amalfi Coast...
...and beautiful Positano for chicken and chips in an English pub! For shame

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