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March 4th 2018
Published: March 5th 2018
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The weather on this Sunday morning, which happened to be election day throughout Italy, looked rather promising; some patches of blue sky appeared, and we could see the top of Mt. Vesuvius for the first since we arrived. Vesuvius, incidentally, lies about 15 miles away from Sorrento (as the crow flies), and rises to an elevation of 4,190 feet; by way of comparison, Mt. Etna in Sicily stands 11,000 feet high.

We puttered around the apartment during the morning, but by the time we decided to go out for lunch, overcast skies had returned; on the bright side, at least the rain drops stayed away.

In all our travels over the past few years, neither of us can recall being so pleasantly surprised and impressed with a dining experience than was the case today, in the tiny little village of Piano di Sorrento. My apologies for dedicating the rest of this blog post to that experience, but it truly deserves special recognition!

We stumbled across the Blue Sea restaurant, located a block or so down the street from our apartment, quite by accident. It has a rather unassuming appearance from the outside and, in fact, is very close to the "Popeye Pizza" joint we tried recently. After entering the restaurant, the stylish ambience of the rather small, triangular-shaped dining area (which probably seats 50), became apparent.

Tables along the back wall have a panoramic view over the Bay of Naples. The table settings, with linen tablecloths and napkins, and the contemporary-style decor combine to give the place a look of quiet refinement. We were greeted and seated by wait staff that were young, well-dressed, and very polite. The extensive menu included an option for a 5- or 6-course meal (Italian diners next to us selected this "tasting menu" offering - too much food!) at a set price, but we opted for pasta with clams and mussels, and a veal dish, along with a mixed salad.

After the waitress delivered a basket of bread, we knew our taste buds were in for a treat today. The warm crunchy bread, which is baked on premises, was delicious; and the lemon-infused whipped butter that accompanied it was to die for. Neither of us had ever tasted anything like it, anywhere in the world! We could have easily made a meal of the bread alone, but needed to save space for the salad and main courses to follow.

The presentation and flavors of our main dishes were gourmet quality, at least by our standards. The veal dish that Dee ordered was exceptional; the meat so tender it flaked apart when touched with a fork; and my spaghetti with clams and mussels, served in a piping-hot bowl, was very good. During the meal, the waitstaff kept our water glasses filled, offered more wine, and checked periodically to see if we were satisfied or required anything (...larger stomachs, perhaps?)

For the final touch, we shared a delicious dessert that looked like a work of modern art when it was served. The combination of fresh fruit, chocolate mousse, raspberry sorbet, and caramel coated ice cream was a festival of flavors, and the perfect end to a perfect meal.

Next came a bit of an "Abbott & Costello" moment. After asking for the bill, with my credit card in hand, the waitress asked that we pay in cash, as their credit card payment processing system was down and out today. So I pulled (2) fifty-euro notes from my wallet and laid them on the table, thinking the tab would exceed 50
Dessert plateDessert plateDessert plate

Chocolate mousse covered with raspberry sorbet, fresh fruit pieces, and ice cream with caramel sauce.
euros. In the meantime Dee, who had just returned from the rest room, thought I had paid the bill (which I had not), so she inadvertently pocketed both 50-euro notes.

When the waitress finally brought the itemized bill to our table, it was exactly 50 euros (very reasonable for the meals and wine we'd consumed), so I asked Dee to dig into her purse for a small bill and change worth 10 euros to leave as a tip. Meanwhile, thinking Dee had paid the 50 euros to the waitress, I assumed we were all set. Then the totally befuddled waiter came by to take the payment, looked at the 10 euros left on the table, and appeared to be wondering...WTF?

All's well that ends well, however, as the minor kerfuffle was put to rest when Dee sheepishly pulled one of the 50 euro notes from her pocket, and paid the cashier. On our way out, we met and complimented the young chef, an Italian trained in Munich, Germany, of all places. We thanked the entire staff for a wonderful experience, while vowing to return to this little gem of a place before we say good-bye to Sorrento!

Dee's comments: Gloomy weather day, so we hung-out in the apartment during the morning; discovered a great place, the Blue Sea, for lunch; my veal stew with polenta and carrots was to die for, as were the bread and the whipped lemon butter; LMAO now over the 50-euro notes fiasco! After lunch, while returning to the apartment, I found a novelty store run by a Chinese lady, where I bought a sharp knife I can actually use in the kitchen (the ones so far have been dull and virtually useless).

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Blue Sea teamBlue Sea team
Blue Sea team

Our chef was the young guy on the right, in front.
Risotto at Blue SeaRisotto at Blue Sea
Risotto at Blue Sea

Gotta try this risotto dish before we leave town!

5th March 2018

What a beautiful day! The food looks delicious. Great find and a do over to be had.Those tucked away places are always the best. May the sun shine brightly tomorrow!!!!
5th March 2018

When you go back, take a pic of the view outside the window! It looks beautiful!! My kind of place!
6th March 2018
They "serve" the bill on this plate

Catching up
Hello my dear grandparents, I am doing my catching up for the last couple of days of course while waiting for dinner and you have made me absolutely starving and totally reminiscing on the outstanding food in Europe that I could shed tears over. I am glad you have made it safely to Sorrento! Although it is not Ravello, hopefully you can relax a little more during this time since you are more familiar with the area. And maybe you will see things you never noticed before. Francesco seems like a very nice man and I'm glad you will get to see him again before you go. How I WISH I was joining you on this part of the adventure since Spring Break is coming soon. I will be headed home to the fam on Friday afternoon. Love you lots and I can't wait to hear about more adventures in Sorrento! Ashley
6th March 2018

Ciao from Dallas this week! What a great place to eat, the bread looks so delicious. I can’t wait to see more.
6th March 2018

Ciao to you, too!
JeniO, will you be doing a blog from Dallas? Have fun while you're there! XoXo, Mitch & Dee
6th March 2018

Lol Dee! Here’s my Dallas blog: spend all day at the office working, then back to the hotel, repeat until Friday! ;) Somehow it just doesn’t sound as exciting as your adventures!
9th March 2018

...all about the presentation!!.....
what a wonderful find!! looks to definitely be on the "to visit again" list. the lemon butter sounds tasty, Dee ya gonna make us some when get back?? glad the bellys got full and cheers to a great find!!

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