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September 13th 2012
Published: November 10th 2017
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The Italians park anywhere! This car was in a no parking zone, but had tree branches on it like the owner was trying to hide it.
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We got up Wednesday morning early to catch the boat to Naples. We found the bus to the Archaeological museum and headed there. There are alot of frescoes, mosaics, pottery and statues from Pompeii. There was a mosaic there that had over a million pieces of tile about 1/16x1/16 each. Its amazing that so much stuff survived the volcano.
I forgot to talk about the weather. It has been in the mid eightys and sunny every day. The only bad thing is the humidity. It has been very humid, about 85%. By the end of our day we are pretty ragged.
We left the museum and followed a Rick Steve's tour of Naples. We walked from the museum down to the boat docks. We stopped for pizza. Naples is supposedly the birthplace of pizza. It was pretty damn good!
We took the boat back to Sorrento and stopped at the ATM to get some cash. The machine said no cash for you! We called the credit union again and found out that there had been a security breach at the credit union and they were only letting people take out $149 US at a time. So we got some cash and headed back to our hotel. We decided to have our last dinner at our hotel. They had a special dinner with music and dancing on the patio under the stars. It was molto bene.
Our pedometer said we walked 10 miles that day.
The next morning we were awakened by a thunderous booming. I thought that Mount Vesuvius had blown its top! No, it was thunder. It was raining cats and dogs. That was the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life. We watched lightning bolts strike the water from the clouds. This went on for over an hour.
By the time we checked out of our hotel the thunder storm was gone, but it was still cloudy and raining. What a way to see the Amalfi coast. What a road! With no traffic and a Ferrari, I would have been in heaven! But with traffic and a very narrow road I am suprised that we still have 2 mirrors on our car. We couldn't find anywhere to park near the main villages and only stopped a couple of times for pics. Part of the road was covered with mud and debris washed down from the rains earlier.
We finally left Amalfi and headed south to our next stop in Paestum. There is a great museum and ancient town built by the Greeks in 500BC to check out. There are 3 big Greek temples there also. Temple of Ceres, temple of Neptune, and temple of Hera. Very impressive!
Tomorrow is a driving day with no major tourist stops. After that we take the ferry to Sicily.

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Pizza in NaplesPizza in Naples
Pizza in Naples

By the time we decided to take a picture, the pizza was gone

13th September 2012

Bob, are you testing us? The first picture of the Temple of Neptune bears a striking resemblence to the later picture of the Temple of Ceres. I'm just saying.... Looks like you're having a great time!
14th September 2012

I am glad Im not driving on thise big hills. It looks like yopu both are seeing a lot.

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