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October 17th 2006
Published: October 17th 2006
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although you gotta learn to think like a neopolitan (?)... I caught on soon enough, I think. it happened as I was waiting with about 30 other people to cross a street.... the cars were such like a tributary of a river feeding steadily into a larger river. no one dared attempt to cross- so there we all were, sort of paralized, until a man with a pair of rubber boots up to his knees with a pizza box in his hand, nonchanlantly walks out into the street without looking. It was sort of like Jesus walking on the water... then I thinks... hey, this isn't Kern County, and those arn't milking boots.... he's a fisherman !! And yeahh, he knew how to 'go with the flow' in Napoli

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(restaurant) took the bus back to the hostel... found a really jammin restaurant, and decided to join the festivities. Sat down outside right next to this show (see pic) eccch!!! see that bugger up on top??? anyway, decided to have pizza... but somehow, I was diverted to the 'house special'... which i thought was going to be fish soup. I SPECIFIED in no way shape of form did I want OCTOPUS. out comes a bowl... yeahh. with the monster of the sea in it... a huge octopus. they didn't understand a word I said. OCTOPUS was the house special. Now really.. how can anyone eat such a horrid creature ??? I didn't mean to insult anyone..

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