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Europe » Italy » Campania » Mount Vesuvius January 2nd 2022

Maggie and friends Salma and Diego climbed above the clouds to the top of Mount Vesuvius today. The sun was bright, and the views spectacular! Mount Vesuvius is the only still active volcano (though currently dormant) in Europe. They then traveled to the ruins of Pompeii, which Maggie described as "soooo cool." :-) Today was a "carpe diem" day, she felt, where they really made the most of the time they have in Naples. She has a day trip to Venice tomorrow, and is thinking about trying to get to the Amalfi Coast on 1/4, if she can work out the logistics of getting her next required COVID test before boarding the ship on 1/5. Speaking of ship, Maggie got her first look at her home for the next 4 months tonight - the MV Odyssey ... read more
Atop Mount Vesuvius.
Diego and Salma.
Pompeii Ruins.

Europe » Italy » Campania » Mount Vesuvius August 13th 2017

Today is an important day. Today we have booked a tour to climb Mount Vesuvius, which is the first of the three volcanoes we plan to climb on this trip. I have been keeping a close eye on the mountain from our balcony since we arrived. I haven't seen any smoke or noticed any earthquakes, so I think it should be safe to climb it today. It would be a bit inconvenient if it erupted while we were climbing it and interrupted our trip. Issy is still feeling the after effects of her seasickness tablets so she tells me that she will not be going on today's tour, and will sit by the pool instead. I hope that she hasn't heard something about an impending eruption that she's not telling me about. I think that by ... read more
Path up to the top of Mount Vesuvius
Mount Vesuvius crater
Mount Vesuvius

Europe » Italy » Campania » Mount Vesuvius May 25th 2011

Vesuvius sits there like a sleeping giant or dragon waiting to erupt and belch out fire way above the Bay of Naples and the city itself. A malignant neighbour that you both worry about but need. We drove up to the base of the volcano passing buses on their way down full of tourists who had made their way to the top and were now on the return journey. Many people had been encouraged to move off the volcano since the last eruption and had left empty shells of houses. Other remaining families still eeked a living from the land or from running restaurants catering for the tourists who flocked to see the volcano. Half way up there was a car park with a small charge to park and a number of tacky outlets selling anything ... read more
Mt Vesuvius

Europe » Italy » Campania » Mount Vesuvius March 20th 2010

Day 3 of the Napoli trip we went to Mount Vesuvius (the ACTIVE volcano that is responsible for destroying Pompeii and herculaneum). Knowing it would be colder than normal, since we would be ontop of a mountain, i layered on what clothes i did have--leggings under my jeans, 2 pairs of socks, and a tshirt under my spring sweater and my northface. The bus was quite long. it was at least an hour, circling up a mountain. which, to anyone who knows me, kind of blows.t he entire process of going up in some kind of moving object freaks the crap out of me. especially in buses that seem WAYYYY to big to be allowed on the road. Before we really started going up the mountain, we made a short detour, and while we sat for ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Mount Vesuvius September 23rd 2008

There we were, in front of our hotel at the designated time of 7:20 am, waiting for our bus to take us back in time to ancient Pompei and then up the imposing slopes of the still active Vesuvius. There we were, in front of our hotel at 40 minutes past the designated time of 7:20 am, waiting for our bus to take us back in time to ancient Pompei and then up the imposing slopes of the still active Vesuvius. Mmmmm, better make a phone call. What do you mean you don't have our booking ??? We paid for it months ago. You're not coming back for us ??? What ??? Well thanks very much mate, NOT ! Plan B, again. We are getting a lot of value out of Plan B lately. Local bus ... read more
Pompeii, Temple of Apollo
Dot marvelling at the street in Pompeii

Europe » Italy » Campania » Mount Vesuvius June 3rd 2008

So, after spending a day in the playground of the rich and famous - Capri, we had a day today seeing the sights in Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius. Pompeii itself is pretty shabby. The property has no value, and can’t be sold, because of the volcano, and as an outer suburb of Naples these days, it’s pretty rough. We jumped straight on the bus to go up the volcano from the train station. What a ride. Typical narrow Italian roads barely big enough for one way, yet designated as two way. Our bus driver spotted a mate driving a bus from the same company halfway up the mountain - so they played chicken with us on board, then pulled up and had a laugh about it and a chat for about 5 minutes - all whilst ... read more
In the crater
Us on the edge

Europe » Italy » Campania » Mount Vesuvius May 23rd 2008

Our trek up the volcano. Saz says: I don't wanna. Its too steep. Walking sucks. Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Adam calls Saz a soft insert profanity of choice. Saz (hulk-style) goes super agro crazy woman and powers up to the summit. Adam knows how to get it done. At this point Sarah needs to interject: unfortunately Adam knows me too well. What he neglected to mention was that I then powered up the volcano, leaving Adam in my dust with the rest of the old ladies crawling up the slope... At the end of the day this trek is all about saying you've done it and not much else. The volcano may be 'live' but there is no bubbling lava or the like, only dirt. All different kinds of dirt. Oh and rocks, lots of rocks. The view over ... read more
At the summit of Vesuvius
Adam enjoying the view...ahem...of a crater...
Sarah & the crater

Europe » Italy » Campania » Mount Vesuvius January 4th 2008

Well, I have climbed Mount Vesuvius. And I won't lie, I feel pretty cool saying that. The volcano is the only volcano on mainland Europe to have erupted in the last century, and owes most of its fame for the destruction of the cities Pompeii and Herculaneum back in 79 AD. But don't worry, according to its main website: the Park is closed while Vesuvius is erupting. Like most people I assume, I have never climbed a volcano, have never looked inside a volcano, have never seen a volcano erupt. A met a girl later on who, upon telling her I went to the top of Mount Vesuvius, asked if I got to look inside and see the lava bubbling up in the pit of the volcano. I tried hard not laugh at that, but I'll ... read more
Mount Vesuvius view
Italian mountainside
Steaming Mount Vesuvius

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