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March 20th 2010
Published: March 23rd 2010
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Day 3 of the Napoli trip we went to Mount Vesuvius (the ACTIVE volcano that is responsible for destroying Pompeii and herculaneum). Knowing it would be colder than normal, since we would be ontop of a mountain, i layered on what clothes i did have--leggings under my jeans, 2 pairs of socks, and a tshirt under my spring sweater and my northface.

The bus was quite long. it was at least an hour, circling up a mountain. which, to anyone who knows me, kind of blows.t he entire process of going up in some kind of moving object freaks the crap out of me. especially in buses that seem WAYYYY to big to be allowed on the road.

Before we really started going up the mountain, we made a short detour, and while we sat for 15 minutes, confused, giuliana returned onto the bus with bouquets of pretty yellow flowers for all the girls. tomorrow (march 8) was il giorno delle donne (the day of the women) in italy, which is actually based on something that occurred in new york...but the us doesnt actually really celebrate it. but it was so sweet and thoughtful and i love flowers. Good detour.

Then we started our ascent on those twisty mountain roads that are so not my favorite 😞

I was hoping that i misunderstood and that we were going to the top of vesuvius, not walking. since we were in the bus for so long. but no. we were walking it. we get out of the bus and stat trekking (provided with a walking stick) when the guy was like "dont worry, its only 5 km up"....awesome.

the walk was at least beautiful, but it was still walking 5 km up a volcano. that is active. fun fact.

Vesuvius is strange because the entire top was blown off in the 79 AD erruption that destroyed pompeii and herculaneum (that erruption was so powerful it suspended the top of the volcano in the air for like 12 full minutes). when you reach the top instead of looking like a stereotypical picture of a volcano (basically a mountain with a hole on the top) the top is flat and basically like a canyon almost.

Before the last 500 meters we got a break (yes!!) and met our tour guide, raffaello. ecco is kicking ass with these tour guides, we manage to get the funniest ones. he takes us to the pit of the volcano and has us shout CIAO into it so we could hear our echo. there was one part of the trail that was very difficult, climbing was involved and it was super narrow (and next to us was a cliff) that made me consider (very seriously) chilling and waiting for people (let's just start with how clumsy i am...and then we can move on to how terrified i am of heights) but i went. the view was beautiful, but i dont know if it was significantly beautiful enough to have had to go all the way to the top. but it was a cool accomplishment.

after a large break and many MANY photos it was time to head back down. of course, i manage to nearly break my ankle 50 times walking down, but i didnt (good news!).

After this we went to lunch at the same place we did yesterday (big improvement, and excellent dessert!) and then we had the option of going to the archeological museum. normally i would have loved too, but i was too tired so a bunch of others went back to the hotel to nap/watch a movie.

Dinner that night was pizza, because when in napoli...


23rd March 2010

Good job
Lauren, I am so proud of you for actually going up that volcano (including walking along the very narrow trail). Knowig how much you hate heights, it was petty cool that you did it. Well, I am very happy you did not twist, sprain, break your ankle on the way down. You would have been miserable (not a very pretty sight). I love the pictures and the way you tell it. Love you, Mom
26th July 2012

Lucky you
Lauren, you are so lucky because able to climb this volcano. I have been there last year and preparing to do the same but there is a situation where i have to go back and cannot continue to do my plan. Congrats :)

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