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May 23rd 2008
Published: June 29th 2008
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Our trek up the volcano. Saz says: I don't wanna. Its too steep. Walking sucks. Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Adam calls Saz a soft . Saz (hulk-style) goes super agro crazy woman and powers up to the summit. Adam knows how to get it done.

At this point Sarah needs to interject: unfortunately Adam knows me too well. What he neglected to mention was that I then powered up the volcano, leaving Adam in my dust with the rest of the old ladies crawling up the slope...

At the end of the day this trek is all about saying you've done it and not much else. The volcano may be 'live' but there is no bubbling lava or the like, only dirt. All different kinds of dirt. Oh and rocks, lots of rocks. The view over Naples and the bay is reasonable, but the area is just as likely to be blurred by haze/smog.

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The sleeping giant (the volcano...not Adam)The sleeping giant (the volcano...not Adam)
The sleeping giant (the volcano...not Adam)

Vesuvius is still classified as an active Volcano, and last errupted in 1944.
Overlooking Bay of NapoliOverlooking Bay of Napoli
Overlooking Bay of Napoli

Over 3 million people live in the shadow of the volcano, making it one of the most dangerous places to live in the world
Don't stop me nowDon't stop me now
Don't stop me now

Cause I'm having a good time...
rock on, yeah!rock on, yeah!
rock on, yeah!

airplanes man - rock city...
bye byebye bye
bye bye


long flights make Adam go crazy...

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