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May 7th 2012
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Ciao from Capri, Sorrento, Positano and Pompeii Italy! WHEW!

What an amazingly beautiful and serene weekend I had with the Bus2Alps crew heading down the Amalfi Coast. After flying into Rome, taking a bus into the city just to have dinner (crazy right?) we were ready for the 3 hour ride to our hostel, Hotel 7. This hotel was absolutely beautiful with pebble stoned flooring in the main room with convertible open rooftop, both base floor and rooftop bars and comortable 8 person rooms it was definitely the best place I've stayed at so far! Each room had a cute name that started with the same letter, changing depending on what floor you were on but of course we were the "Sweet" room!

The first day started off pretty early and after a bit of a walk down to the ferry, we realized just how many people were on the trip, split between 3 or 4 hostels. Since it was the last weekend for this trip, the most famous of the companies trips, it was pretty packed with students including about 50 from Marist (small continent huh ma?) The ferry brought us right into the port of Capri where we quickly hopped onto another boat to take us around the island. We were able to go into the Blue Grotto, one of the seven wonders of the world, by smaller boat and having to lie down flat as our boatman pulled a rope to bring us through the entrance that steadily closes due to the rising tide. I've never seen water so clear in my life, the cave was competely dark with only the reflection in the water for light. We got to see some amazing houses along the coast, one of the oldest light houses and the famous 3 boulder rocks including the love cove. Along the way are other grottos that have different colors, green (with purple jelly fish) white and even red (because of the coral at the feet of the cliffs). Back on land we went to the highest point of the island through winding roads that would send shivers up your spine! It was SO worth the scary ride because the views at the top were unreal. Every other weekend they had been having bad rain and clouds and we had such a clear day! Capri is known for sandal making, limoncello and great views and they didn't disappoint. A quick chairlift ride to the tip top is as close as I've felt to anything like heaven, being able to see straight across to the mainland was just remarkable. Back in the town we had a great lunch of veggie pizza and pasta topped off with gelato of course. Instead of taking a bus down, we hiked down the stone stepped old trail that hugs along the mountain, cutting under the roads and ending behind the residences of Capri fit with lemon trees in their backyards and vespas in the 'driveways'. Cleaned up from our ferry ride home and trek to the hostel we all headed downtown to eat at a select few restaurant and enjoyed ravioli, salad, wine and tiramisu! The leaders then took us to a local Inn with a Beer Garden on the roof area which was so different and fun!

After being able to sleep in a little bit on Saturday we started off for our beach day in Positano!! Another winding bus ride and hike down a mountain and we were standing in a little beach town fit with shops, restaurants, spice and liqour stores and boat tours. It was a little too cloudy for full on beach tanning but we got our sun in and headed on a cheap boat tour that takes you cliff jumping and cave diving. Unfortunetly the jelly fish were a little fiesty that day so we couldn't cave dive but the cliff jumping was SO fun and exciting we wanted to stay all day!! The water was chilly at first but after the adrenaline settled in we all warmed up pretty quick. The boat tour also gave a great view of the houses and shops from the water! Waiting for us back at the hostel was a great buffet with pasta alfredo, pesto and gnocci and french fries for us americans (yuck!) Later at night the bar was hopping with tourists and locals as well, and even had live music to enjoy.

Sunday we stopped into Pompeii for a few hours to get lost in the Ruins and enjoy the small town atmosphere. The ruins are a really large part of the town and for good reason! A lot of the areas are still much intact including the bakery and much of the mosaics that lead into the homes. The streets still have the ridges from carriages in the large stones laid down instead of pavement. Pottery and body casts are perfectly intact as is many of the street signs and sculptures in the centers of plazas and houses of gods. Along the top ridge of the ruins is a path that goes past a winery and other floral areas and gives great views of the ruins in contrast with the mountains and town! It was such an interesting area to visit and the lemon slush treats are so so so refreshing after the walk around!

All in all it was an unforgetable, completely beautiful and amazing weekend I am SO happy I did!
Countdown wise we are getting close to the end of my journey in Europe but don't worry I am NOT slowing down yet!

Can't wait to see you all, Love you and thanks for reading! 😊

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10th May 2012

Just Beautiful!
What a beautful place! I have to have a copy of the picture of you on the wall! It is amazing....just like you! I just love reading your make everything so interesting and real, so it is "almost" like being there! I can't wait to get my hands on you......have missed you LOTS! LOVE YOU, Mom

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