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June 21st 2006
Published: June 21st 2006
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St. Andrews In AmalfiSt. Andrews In AmalfiSt. Andrews In Amalfi

Holly is standing on the steps of St. Andrews Cathedral in Amalfi.
Hi Everybody!
Well, Its been a very eventful few days! I picked up Holly in Rome and we immediately headed for the Amalfi Coast. I have to say, its beautiful. Our first stop was the Conca Azzurra which was located between Amalfi and Positano. A very weird, but very interesting place. It was beautiful, but tiny. We were on a cliff, and we had private access to the Mediterranean, which is VERY precious in this part of the world. We spent the first night in Amalfi, having Dinner and touring St. Andrews Cathedral. Did you know that St. Andrew was buried in Amalfi?? We didnt! He was a fascinating character, the first apostle of Jesus Christ. He traveled all the way to modern Russia, preaching the gospel. He ended up being crucified, (a shame!) but as they were nailing him to the Cross, he yelled out... "The Cross, I've desired!" To the left is a picture of Holly standing on the steps of his Cathedral, and also his Crypt, he's there!
After we left Amafi, we toured the Emerald Grotto, which...... I have to say, is very over-rated. It was a lot of fun, our guide was hilarious, everything he said
On the Med!On the Med!On the Med!

We had to hike to the Ocean, but it was worth IT!
was "Its a miracle!" He would point at a wall in the cave, and yell out "Its a miracle!" He was very funny. But the Emerald Grotto is not necessary.. Pic of us there on the left. From There we've driven into Positano, where we are today. It is true what they say about the crazy Italian drivers on these cliff roads. We are here until Friday, when we will regrettably leave Southern Italy, and its friendly people, and head back to the big city of Rome. We have loved it here. Its a must visit, for any of you. The people are so nice to us, of course they all love Holly.. The food is fabulous and our hotel is perfect. Friday morning we will visit Pompeii, we drove by Vesuvius, it is massive and overwhelming. I personally cant wait to see the ruins. Southern Italy has a softness that cant really be explained. Its fantastic. Thank you for all of the emails, and please keep them coming. I cant believe the Heat won the finals!
Ciao, for now....

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Arriving in PositanoArriving in Positano
Arriving in Positano

The Streets are too narrow for cars, so we walk down to the our hotel....
View from the hotel!View from the hotel!
View from the hotel!

This is the view from our room, bella!

22nd June 2006

Hello Hollay and Billay!!!
So excited to see you guys. Looks like a great time. Need more close up pictures of Hollay and you two together. You both look GREAT but Hollay you look fabulous. Richie and Denise have nothing on you two. We want to see lots of people in capri pants in Capri. Have the best time ever. We LOVE you.
22nd June 2006

Holly is yummy
Hey guys! Its great to see that you are having a good time! Holly looks hot! All that Tuna paid off :-). I want to see pics of Billy pointing and laughing at dudes in banana hammocks! Keep the pictures coming! How about a pic of the two of you together! Miss you Holly! Take good care of my Fluffy Billy!

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