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Europe » Italy » Apulia » Lecce » Santa Maria di Leuca October 7th 2018

Puglia 2018 This is our 8th trip to Puglia and Calabria since 2008 and 3 visits before that . If you are reading this blog with plans to visit either area, I would suggest that you check my blog entries of 2015 and 2014, where I give detailed addresses, phone numbers and GPS locations for all of the places that we have stayed at. There are also entries dating back to 2009 that include different b&bs as well as the regions of Basilicata and Abruzzo. My blog contains the following titles as well. Calabria, Puglia & Basilicata (2008) Puglia & Abruzzo (2010) Calabria & Puglia (2012) Calabria & Puglia 2013 Calabria & Puglia 2014 ... read more
grotto della poesia
Antica Aia &  area (4)
Torre dell'Orso

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Lecce September 25th 2018

So, the bike ride starts. Our itinerary is good with an assortment of terrain and scenery. The region of Italy is the heel of Italy, known as Apulia. We have more than 350 k's to ride and this time round we are all using E Bikes. Our intention is not to set any records, to take in all the sites with numerous stops for coffee/ refreshments. We started our ride in Alberobllo, riding to Ostuni. A good ride for the first up. Next was Ostuni to Avetrana. A longer ride and we were thankful for the e bikes. Then Avetrana to Gallipoli, Gallipoli to Leuca, Leuca to Otranto, and finally Otranto to Lecce. So 6 days biking up some high hills, along some cycle tracks, but mainly on some roads, some with little traffic but some ... read more
Through The Country Side.
Some Good Hand Signals.
Plenty Of Squares To Sit In.

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Lecce June 9th 2017

It is our second day in Lecce and after relaxing yesterday we are ready for our personalized walking tour of the old city. It is Friday so everywhere is bound to be busy. First things first, the washing. We check out the on-line user manual for this model of washing machine and find a 30 minute cycle. Great. Two separate washes before breakfast. With the hot wind blowing should be dry in no time. We head out a little later than we had hoped and join the very busy commuter flow around the historic town looking for a car park. What a frustrating fruitless exercise. The large car park we wanted had been converted into a market. A great way to encourage keen Kiwi tourists with pockets full of euros to spend! Close off the car ... read more

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Lecce June 7th 2017

Time to pack the bags, load the car, and say our farewells to our hostess, our apartment and Matera. What memories we’ll take away with us. It has been a wonderful experience walking through this historic town and meeting people, especially in the two restaurants where we had such delicious food. We hope people reading our blog are inspired enough to visit Matera if they have not already done so. We move the car closer to the apartment to make loading easier. Within minutes two cars have filled the space left by one. Perhaps we parked in such a way we had a generous amount of space front and rear. Soon we were leaving Matera and heading for Taranto. We have one last visit to make. On the recommendation of our hostess we turn off into ... read more

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Lecce October 8th 2016

I couldn’t believe Dianne had booked us into Lecce for eight days. Even allowing for trips to other towns in the heel of Italy, eight days, wow. As usual, her decision was a good one. Train woes We had to go back to Bari, change trains and head to Lecce. As experienced train travellers there should be no problem. At least not until the activation machine ate one of our tickets. There was no one in the station to talk to, even in Italian. So Dianne took a picture of the machine showing a red light flashing indicating it was jammed. We climbed on the train, hoping for the best. We were a bit disappointed the conductor didn’t even ask for our tickets. The rest of the trip was uneventful until we arrived in Lecce. Our ... read more
The terrace
City Gates

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Lecce October 27th 2015

Od dawna dawna chciałam przyjechać na południe południe Włoch. W samej Puglii niby już bywałam od dawna, ale wszystko poniżej Brindisi było czarną plamą. W ubiegłym roku mieliśmy zaproszenie na ślub przyjaciela Q - Mario, ale w końcu sam Q przyleciał na 16 h (3h na szukanie restauracji wśród pól oliwek i kamiennych murków, 3h na spanie i 10h na imprezę), bo ja zamknięta byłam w szpitalu. I był jeszcze ten świetny film Mine Vaganti, genialnie oddający lokalny klimat: Moje podróżolubne dzieci podróż zniosły fenomenalnie. Choć L ma ostatnio przydomek "Niszczydełko", to słodko zaczepiał współpasażerów, nurkował pod fotelem, żeby wyciągnąć M kredkę, drzemał i zjadł, co trzeba. M natomiast uwielbia latać samolotem chyba głównie dlatego, że wte... read more
Tanio i duże porcje!

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Lecce September 5th 2015

After arriving in Bari we thought we would go to Positano or somewhere on the Amalfi Coast. But we had trouble finding a place that we liked, in a location that we liked and at a price that we liked. So instead we headed in the direction of Lecce in the stiletto heel of the Italian boot. We didn’t know it as we don't take much notice these days, but when we got there without a booking or any internet access, we discovered that we had arrived on a Sunday that happened to be a public holiday this is a double whammy in Italy and nothing much was open. So we started walking in the heat with heavy bags. Eventually we ended up at McDonalds, thinking they might have Wi-Fi. But no. After a fillet-o-fish we ... read more
Duomo and its tower
Dinner in one of the cheerful lane ways after dusk

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Lecce October 11th 2014

Sunday, 14 September – Bari to Martina Franca After a short drive along the coast south from Bari, we arrived in Polignano a Mare, another medieval white city perched on a jagged cliff top pockmarked with caverns and grottoes. The historic centre is a succession of narrow streets and alleyways of bright white houses and churches. There is a rocky beach splitting the town, and sandy beaches either side. The rocky beach is a deep ravine squeezed between two small cliffs. We walked into the quaint old town, a space inhabited by a succession of invaders from the Huns to the Normans. There are touristy gift shops and shops selling olive oil. It is a thriving holiday destination and all the shops are open on Sunday and do not close for the four hour mid-afternoon siesta. ... read more
Bari 005
Bari 006
Bari 015

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Lecce September 26th 2013

Morning prep began with making yet another type of pasta--this one with the much tamer name of orecchiette or "little ears". We were taught by the charming and incredibly patient Giuseppe and joined in our efforts by a friend of Silvestro's, the incredibly beautiful Ortoalisa, who is not only an expert orecchiette maker, but also a mother to a 7 year old, a marine biologist and university student! The Biagi sisters dominated the rest of the class at this one, though most thought Sandy's were a tad better... We followed this with preparing the ingredients for lunch's first course: pepperonata, a dish made from thinly sliced bell peppers "sweated" to softness then dressed with olive oil and tossed with breadcrumbs. We also made the broccoli rabe sauce for the orecchiette (2nd course). Then onto the braised ... read more
Spotted On The Walk To School
Zoomed in...
Rabbit Being Butchered

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Lecce September 25th 2013

After the usual morning coffee and trip to the market, we started off the day making yet another shaped pasta-- this one's name translates to little penis, and looks kinda like a joint. What does it mean, exactly, that Sandy was the best in the class at making them?? These were served at lunch with a sauce made with garlic, pancetta, red pepper flakes and tomato sauce, and the sauce was definitely an example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts--delicious! We also made a ratatouille type main dish for lunch and in between pickled and canned three crates of green beans. It was a busy morning! At 6 pm we met a local woman, Simona, for a guided tour of many of the classic Lecce sights. We had already seen most ... read more
Market Scene.1
Market Scene.2
Market Scene.3

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