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Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley » Pila December 23rd 2008

So tara and i have been in a bit of a fight lately. See tara faces a tough decision. Her final performance of her Broadway show, ALL MY SONS, is on the same night at the Golden Globes, where i am nominated for my supporting role in Tropics of Thunder. Personally i've seen the play and Tara does a lousy job and the play sucks, but my movie rules almost as much as Scientology. I am ike the king of the Globes, their most desired participant for TV ratings, bigger even than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I know my new movie Valkyrie reviews are kind of suckie, but i am god so fuck all of you who didn't like it. Ina Treciokas, Tara's press rep, answers the question definitively. “Tara’s decided to stay and do ... read more
tara's favorite beanie!
ankle herpes
mouth herpes

Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley » Pila February 25th 2007

The forecast was snow in the Italian Alps this weekend - and what better way to check out my first Italian ski experience in Courmayeur. Courmayeur - Piste - 6/10 - lots of red but extremely bumpy. visibility was poor in the morning making it even harder to enjoy. - Facilities - 7/10 - the people moving machinery was average but a long wait if you want to go all the way to the top. other than that, it was generally a breeze. - Crowd - 7/10 - not many people on the piste despite school holidays. - Overall experience - 7/10 - nice, but difficult to justify the EUR 32 Mont Blanc toll just to ski the pistes. Good overall Italian experience, but a repeat may have to wait given the numerous French and Swiss ... read more
Up we go
Second cable car
Above the clouds

Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley » Pila July 15th 2006

And the Israelis are welcome to sing it to the music of “gan sagoor” - of the “16th Sheep”... So what happened? After the hard day we had yesterday, Dana and I decided to take the cable-car up. It was anyway a rather short day, so we got up late, and by 9am Ron started to walk, while we went to the supermarket, very happy and relaxed. After filling our bags with goods for the next 2 days we continued to the cable-car station just to discover it was closed the entire summer season. Unbelievable that the girl in the info center even explained to us how to get there, how she could not know it didn’t work... Well after the little shock and some minutes to recover, we started really late, after 10am, walking all ... read more
Le Fauteuil des Allemands
The twin glaciers
Maison Vieille at Col Checroui

Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley » Pila July 14th 2006

Wow we had one hard day... It started with an easy walk down Italian Val Ferret. At some point we saw the entire mountain side above us ruined, all the trees cut. Ron said it looked like an avalanche and then he pointed to the right and there was the avalanche - a huge pile of ice, covered with mud, scary to think what happened to everything that stood in its way! At some point we started climbing but it wasn't too hard. It’s only 800m to our first col of the day (col means a mountain pass in French). It was called Col Entre-Deux-Sauts, pass between two jumps, although we couldn't figure out why. The second pass of the day required a short descent and again climbing up, but I took it easily thinking it's ... read more
Pre de Bar Glacier in early morning
Consulting the book on the way
It's not a mirror, it's a pool

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