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June 2nd 2014
Published: June 1st 2014
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I would have said “hey guys” but I am pretty sure that no one will be reading this blog except for my english teacher so I’m just going to start by “hello miss Sahtout.”

During the february holidays Tano, Mathias and I went to Aosta: a little town in the north of italy for a ski trip which did not make particularly happy because I have always been and always will be completely terrorized of skiing. But tano and mathias really helped me through it by inspiring me with a quote said by Bruce Will in after earth: ‘The danger is real, but fear is a choice’ and by promising me that nothing could happen to me, that I couldn’t get hurt. Well they sure as hell were wrong because I broke my arm the very same week! and even though I was sore it was amazing: I got to ride on a motor-ski 😊

On the second day we went to a super nice restaurant with my family and had had the funniest night ever! we sat at the table telling terrible jokes during the whole dinner! this one was my personal favourite: three men are at the top of a magic waterslide and whatever they say while they are sliding down it will appear at the end of it in the pool. So the first man shouts money!! and finds money at the end of the slide. The second one screams gold!! and finds gold at the end of the waterslide. And the last one screams Wiiiiiiiii!! and finds himself in a pool full of wee!!

Okay that sounded funnier when Tano said it :-/

I bought a super special hair curler called the curl secret that me and mathias had loads of fun testing it on every person in my family and I am amazed of how much better Tano looks with curly hair!! 😉

We also eat some incredible fries that my grandmother cooked, and went ice skating ( By the way watching Mathias at a ice rink is like watching a comedy show: he falls in the most hilarious ways, I laughed so hard!). We talked about our dream jobs and about a million other things. And we even did a bit of homework!

Anyways that was a super super super super fun vacation and I am so happy they came along with me! I Totally want to do it again!


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