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Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Santo Stefano Di Sessanio October 22nd 2017

Yesterday we left Termoli and the Adriatic Sea and headed inland to the Gran Sasso d'Italia National Park and are spending 4 nights in the charming hilltop village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio. We rented a flat in a palazzo from this wonderful woman whose life call seems to be taking care of her guests like visiting relatives from afar. The moment we arrived she sent us to see the Rocca Calascio because the weather was good and there was a chance of rain for today. We naively hiked from the lowest point possible, first on an old road (long and uphill) and then on to a rugged, steep, rocky path to get to the fortress and church. I am adding a picture of the church. Please note the white road off to the right. That ... read more

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo August 6th 2017

The Sleeping Beauty of Abruzzo Morena Giannascoli If I told you: "The Sleeping Beauty" what would you think? The Walt Disney animated film or perhaps the fairy tale written by Charles Perraul.Instead I think of Abruzzo, Italy, where legends never die and where the Sleeping Beauty is the profile of the massive Gran Sasso Mountain seen from the Pescara area. From this perspective the Corno Grande and Mount Camicia are aligned to form respectively the face and breast of a woman lying on her back. With the clear sky and the sunset it becomes a wonderful scenario featured in many postcards and even in this beautiful youtube video that went viral on the web. to the legend, the Goddess Maja fled from Phrygia and arrived in the harbour of a town called Ortona (... read more

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo August 1st 2017

Long time ago, on the Adriatic coast, fishermen erected wooden constructions clinging to the rock to capture the best of the marine fauna. These fishing machines made of logs and ropes are called trabocchi, and they follow each other with the joy and whim of youth from Ortona to Fossacesia, a coastline that today represents one of the wonders of the Mediterranean: the Coast of Trabocchi. From the hills above them, among scented brooms, olive groves and vineyards rich in their precious fruits covering the landscape, you can see these strange creatures that from the coast stretch out to the sea through a wooden pier. They seem like spiders intent on running their feet in blue waters and with antennas protruding forward to find the best fish. Over the years, many artists have represented the trabocchi ... read more
trabocco fishing net
trabocco sunset
trabocco dining

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescara June 11th 2017

Just before bed last night we looked out from our apartment window, yes one little window, and noticed a large Conad Supermarket and car wash. So that is how today was going to start. But first, breakfast in the breakfast room downstairs. We were shown to a table by our hostess who doesn’t speak English. Yesterday she had handed the phone to her husband who had enough English to give us instructions. Our table was set with some wicked delights, not our usual breakfast. We are here for an experience so we indulged. Our first stop after leaving the B & B is the car wash. Our wonderful car is showing a lack of TLC, having driven the agricultural roads of Sicily and Southern Italy. First step is to find out how to get the euro ... read more
Lake Casoli
Looking across the Sangro valley.

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Vasto June 10th 2017

This morning we say goodbye to our hostess, Paola. The apartment has been comfortable but hard to compare with some of our previous apartments. This one was in a good location and was quiet. In New Zealand Saturday is usually a day of working at home, taking children to sport or catching up with friends and relatives. Here in Italy it tends to be another weekday. The offices on the ground floor of this building are open for business. That means Sunday is the only family day. Perhaps they make the most of their two hours of afternoon siesta time. We set course for Vasto, a small city in Abruzzo. We have three driving days to reach Ravenna. Why Vasto? No particular reason other than it is about 400 kms north of Lecce. Italy is a ... read more

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Vasto September 19th 2016

Geo: 42.1127, 14.7096The past few days have been quiet for me (some rest and reflection) so today I need to get back into the swing of things. Plans have been made for the next few days and it's my last day in Vasto. What better way to start than with some shopping. First shop, two tops. Exhausted - time for a €1 caffe latte. Just as well food is so cheap, shopping is not. It's mamma's birthday today so I've also decided to spend the day celebrating (drinking and eating). Mum's not here, but that's not the point. She loves cheese so I'm gonna eat it. Mum is on a day "Game of Thrones" tour out of Belfast with Irene. Poor thing wouldn't even know what Game of Thrones is but Irene will fill her in. ... read more
Creepy 2
This is a Torre
Pasta pesce

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Vasto September 18th 2016

Geo: 42.1127, 14.7096Not much to report today. It was quite cool (23•C) and the streets are bare on a Sunday. I took a drive to the Marina for a slice of pizza and a vino bianco. Received a surprise call from JoJo which brightened my day. I took the opportunity of wet weather this afternoon to make some travel plans for later this week to Puglia. Rose, bread, salami, pecorino and tartufo balsamic picnic in my room for dinner and an early night. Shops to visit tomorrow with a shopping order from G.... read more

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Vasto September 17th 2016

Geo: 42.1127, 14.7096Woke to a beautiful day in Vasto. Went downstairs to find breakfast being served on the patio. It was divine. View over the Adriatic. It's dad's birthday so made my first call home. He said it's freezing in Manjimup. Today I went into Vasto town to wander around the shops and the small alleyways and visit castles, churches, etc. I had heard about trabuccos, old fishing platforms with nets along the Abruzzo coast. I was recommended Trabocco Cungarelle. They offer a set menu consisting 6 courses and wine. The strangest thing I ate was sea snails. Tasted ok but still had the little eyes on the end of the tentacle things. The view was amazing and such a great day. Lunch took 3 hours and then it was time to go home for a ... read more
Breakfast view
Vasto centre
Vasto centre

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Chieti September 2nd 2016

Our Tuscan adventure began in the Chianti region starting with Greve in Chianti, supposedly one of the main attractions in the area. To our dismay Greve was rather uneventful, and lacked the typical medieval Tuscan feel that we were hoping for. classic Tuscany We found immediate redemption on a slight detouring just a few minutes down the road in the town of Montefiorale, a quaint little hideaway atop a hill, listed in the renown Italian travel guide ‘Borgi Piu Alta’ as one of the best places to visit in Italy. We embarked on a journey back through time as we walked across thousand year old cobblestone alleys. Everywhere you turned was a picturesque corner, one after the next. One just can’t help but stop and photograph. Tuscan Chianti-Italy The town is extremely small and while there ... read more
02-The best places to visit in Chianti
03-The best places to visit in Chianti
04-The best places to visit in Chianti

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Francavilla al Mare June 10th 2016

I didn't want this blog to be an intra-day update, but we had just finished breakfast this morning and saw the local fisherman packing up for the day, we went across the road and here he is selling his catch while extracting the ink sacks from the calamari. the fish, crabs, calamari and octopi where all still alive. That's fresh.... read more

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