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June 19th 2017
Published: July 10th 2017
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Knockaloe Beg FarmKnockaloe Beg FarmKnockaloe Beg Farm

First thing in the morning
Another great breakfast, another lovely walk into Peel (on the correct paths); this time took the bus to Ramsey, mostly along the coast, seeing another part of the Isle on the way north.
Map (
Peel is on the West side of the Isle, on the coast.
Douglas is pretty much a 9-mile drive East of Peel, on the other coast.
Ramsey is North of Douglas, along the east coast.
Yesterday, we took a steam train south from Douglas, along the coast, to the south.
Today, we took the bus north east from Peel to Ramsey, not quite the northern tip, then an electric train south along the East coast, stopping at Laxey to take another electric train westish up to the highest point on the Isle, Snaefell, then back down to Laxey and the rest of the way south on the coast to Douglas.

Got off the bus in Ramsey and after a couple blocks in the wrong direction, asked, and got to the train station. Again, no ticket needed, just the Go card. The trains run like the electric trams in New Orleans; the moving back and forth and flipping the cables around reminded me of that. Very open air; lovely views. Also, the same sensible set up for the seat backs--the conductor walks down the aisle after everyone's exited at the end, and flips the backs forward, rather than turning the whole train around. That way, everyone faces forward, coming and going.

We rode south to Laxey, home of the Laxey Wheel ( and transfer point for the Snaefell Railway ( The Laxey Wheel is a feat of Victorian engineering and ingenuity is the largest surviving waterwheel of its kind in the world. The Lady Isabella, as she is also known, served the mine for 70 years and became the Island’s most dramatic tourist attraction. We did not go to the Wheel.
The town is also home of the Laxey Woolen Mills, where Mike wanted to do some shopping. Mike didn't realize I intended to take the Snaefell trip but, part way up, we could see a TT Race (The International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race is an annual motorcycle sport event run on the Isle of Man in May or June of most years since its inaugural race in 1907; checkpoint and 'the bungalow'. The railway ran pretty near the edge
Stairs from roadStairs from roadStairs from road

down to the path
of the valley and narration told us about the mining village, the mine, the power station for it on the way up. Dramatic pictures. Nice cafe at the top for cake and drinks but I still found / made time to walk up the path to see the view. The train ended up waiting a few minutes for me....

After the train ride, walked down to the Woolen Mills (asked directions BEFORE we set off this time!!). Although it was mostly woven fabric (as described), they did have the Loughan Wool and we got some to make Mike a vest. A gorgeous brown color, it's not dyed, is straight off the sheep. We had seen some of the sheep on the train down and there's at least one on the Farm. Has 4, sometimes 6 horns and is native to the Isle of Man. Also got some Christmas gifts, suspenders for Mike in the Manx tartan, and yarn for a friend of his at HDPT. As we left the Mill, we saw a sign for the shop upstairs, for IOM souvenirs. Finished our gift shopping there! It wasn't all made on IOM but had the logo or the Loughan
Bus from Peel to RamseyBus from Peel to RamseyBus from Peel to Ramsey

The busses were so nice, including the high seats at the back.
on it so we were happy. Managed to get some art for Allison, disguised as cork-backed placemats.

Rode on down the coast to Douglas, through/past some towns and lovely homes and condos, ending at the northern end of The Promenade. Like the "Queen's Necklace" in Mumbai, there's a nice curve to the coast; here, it's lined with hotels. There is a horse tram running from one end to another which wasn't running today so we couldn't take it (it's included!) and so we walked, admiring the sea, the hotels, and buying some more souvenirs along the way--TT and IOM shirts.

Mike remembered seeing several nice-looking restaurants along the marina when we'd been there the day before so we headed that way, through a shopping district, and we stopped at The Barbary Coast. Sat 'inside' but there were no windows so we were undercover from the sun but benefitted from the lovely breeze and had a clear view of the marina and people going by. Great meal--Mike had 'Posh Fish & Chips' which included shrimp, and I had a great salad--needed the fresh veggies after so many chips!!

Bus back to Peel and walk back to the Farm.
View from the busView from the busView from the bus

as we traveled up the west coast and then east to Ramsey
Another great day on the Isle of Man!!

Again, about 6 miles logged!

Additional photos below
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View from the busView from the bus
View from the bus

such a beautiful day!
MER: Manx Electric RailwayMER: Manx Electric Railway
MER: Manx Electric Railway

While the conductor switched the seat directions
Open to the airOpen to the air
Open to the air

As you may have noticed in the first couple pictures, the train was open to the air.

I really liked the hedges as dividers

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