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Europe » Isle of Man » Peel March 22nd 2015

If I had it to do over again, I’d probably book a hotel room in either Castletown or Peel, which is where I spent a good bit of the past 2 days. Castletown has the tall castle, and Peel has the spread-out one. Castle Rushen in Castletown was open yesterday; Peel Castle opens after Easter. Both of these towns have a charm; some might call it character. Both are immediately endearing. They have much more scenic views, in my opinion, than Douglas. Douglas, though, has more to do than either of these towns, which is why it’s where most people stay, and indeed why the capital is here. But you can get complacent in Douglas. In Castletown and Peel, you can visit for a day, and then there’s nothing else to do but admire the scenery. ... read more
Castletown harbor
Beautiful weather for outdoor activities
Atop Castle Rushen

Europe » Isle of Man » Peel June 28th 2013

Travelled from Liverpool to Isle of Man on an Easyjet flight. Took only 20 minutes, so by the time the pilot turned off the seatbelt sign he had to announce we had begun our descent! Have spent three days on the island visiting relatives and seeing the sights. The IOM is a small island only 60 km long by 20 km wide. In fact one of my cousins walks home from one side of the country to the other at least once a week! The weather has been great here and we have had the chance to do a bit of walking. My family live in Peel which is spectacular with its ruined castle on the end of the beach. We walked up Peel Hill to Corrin's Folly and down the other side to The Creek. ... read more
Roger at Corrin's Folly
Down by The Creek
Calf Of Man

Europe » Isle of Man » Peel December 23rd 2011

Guy Fawkes made his mark in history with a bang, not quite how he intended, and it feels almost cliché that we continue to commemorate his capture with dazzling displays of fireworks and bonfires. Yet when it comes to explosives our fascination doesn’t just stop with a handful of fiery fireworks, or the chemistry lab of a school, no. It’s deep and rooted. Rightly or wrongly, our history is splattered with the use of these materials that detonate, and the Isle of Man is no exception. Donald and Margaret Watterson of Creglea Farm, in Dalby, used dynamite to help clear their farmland shortly after the Second World War, around 50-years ago. “There were four steel Pylons or Radio Defense Systems (RDS) in this area ” recalls Mr. Watterson. These Radio Detection Findings (RDF) or Pylons, nicknamed ... read more

Europe » Isle of Man » Peel July 8th 2010

We got to Peel (Manx: Purt ny hlnshey) about 5 PM, in accordance with our prior calculating. That day the weather was quite well and let us enjoy the island's landscape. Hills and cliffs everywhere. Houses are plastered and in general look much better than in England. In England towns look bleak and getting upset especially when raining. We noticed no litter anywhere. Our guesthouse - The Fernleigh is lokated at the front of the sea and quite close from Peel castle. We notice nice owners and cosy room. Splendid we thought - That's would be a nice couple of days holidays. First decision that we made it was go anywhere to take a breath and see someting interesting, and obviously to find a local pub to drink some beers after despite of we brought from ... read more

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