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June 3rd 2017
Published: June 5th 2017
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Tried to drive out to Ballaugh Bridge and drive around from inside the TT circuit, unfortunately the GPS tried to take the wrong way around the mountain course. Since 2007, during IOM TT, the mountain course is turned "one-way" to mitigate head on incidents when over confident riders cross the centre line.

No matter, I have a grandstand ticket for Creg-ny -Baa and ended up watching the morning session with my new found Aussie friends who offered me a beer at 10:45am in the morning :-) I lent my USB battery pack to Ryan so he could call his Mom and I was golden for endless beers :-D

After the morning practice session I moved on to Ramsey's hairpin. My first position was 200 meters from the hairpin which gave me the best view ever, right beside the road. Unfortunately I didn't feel safe being on the outside corner of a bend as racers accelerate to full throttle up the mountain. One get off and I would get trimmed like the weeds on the side of the road.

I moved on to the hairpin where it's an excellent vantage point to watch racers ply their skills. Full throttle up the hill, brake and downshift, hit the apex and back on the power. Extra style points for poweslides on exit! Great place to take pictures.

The most exciting to watch are the sidecars! The monkey (passenger) hang outside the vehicle to counterbalance the sharp turn then lunge to the other side of the bike and throw themselves over the rear wheel for maximum traction as the the driver pours on the power and drives up the hill.

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